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Americans for Prosperity (AFP) is a Koch-funded (un)think tank and Tea Party-associated astroturf group that broke off from the group Lobbyists Citizens for a Sound Economy (CSE) along with FreedomWorks. They support the typical trickle-down, no regulations bullshit and dress it up in the language of "limited government," "the Constitution," "liberty," and "prosperity", as every other right-wing (un)think tank does. However, besides their anti-stimulus package campaign, they probably push global warming denial, "smoker's rights," neutering the EPA, and other anti-environmental policies the hardest. On top of this, they oppose network neutrality. They threw large sums of cash at Lord 3rd Viscount Arch-Crank Monckton to headline their "Hot Air Tour" and led Teabaggers in chants of "Global warming is... bullshit!" Their favorite activities include blaming Obama for high gas prices and rising cost of food despite being completely silent about those issues in 2007-08 when a Republican was president. Recently, they have dedicated themselves to kvetching about anything done to slow the spread of COVID-19.[1][2] (Anything for the economy, you see.)

Politifact has never found a statement made by these guys to be more accurate than "Half-True."

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