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Mo Brooks

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Yo, Mo!
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Mo Brooks (1954–) is a Republican member of the House of Representatives from Alabama. This is going to be good.

On the issues[edit]


Not a fan. Was trying to kill Planned Parenthood before killing Planned Parenthood was cool.[1]

Global warming[edit]

Shockingly, Brooks is a passenger on the Global Warming Denying Wingnut Train™. During a May 2018 hearing of the House Science, Space, and Technology Commitee, Brooks not only brought out the tired denialist claim that the Antarctic ice cap is actually growing, he proclaimed that rising sea levels are caused by rocks falling into the sea from melting glaciers. "Now you have got less space in those oceans because the bottom is moving up", he explained.[2]


Pledged not to raise the tax rate period.[3] Later pledged specifically not to agree to any climate-related proposals resulting in a net increase in government revenue.[4]


"Illegal aliens give America drug-resistant tuberculosis and other diseases that threaten all of us."
—Mo Brooks[5]

In 2010, Brooks said he wanted to get "federal government out of the way of state and local governments that want to solve the problem." Irony meter test: he now wants to put the fed in the way of cities that try to actually solve the problem.[6] He also thinks immigration reform is part of a "war on whites." That is an actual quotation.[7] In 2015, he blamed immigrants from Mexico, with its 99% measles vaccination rate, for an outbreak of measles in the US.[8]


Hey! Stopped clock! It couldn't be because the Marshall Space Flight Center is in his district, could it?