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Mo Brooks is a Republican member of the House of Representatives from Alabama. This is going to be good.

On the issues[edit]


Not a fan. Was trying to kill Planned Parenthood before killing Planned Parenthood was cool.[1]


Pledged not to raise the tax rate period.[2] Later pledged specifically not to agree to any climate-related proposals resulting in a net increase in government revenue.[3]


"Illegal aliens give America drug-resistant tuberculosis and other diseases that threaten all of us."
—Mo Brooks[4]

In 2010, Brooks said he wanted to get "federal government out of the way of state and local governments that want to solve the problem." Irony meter test: he now wants to put the fed in the way of cities that try to actually solve the problem.[5] He also thinks immigration reform is part of a "war on whites." That is an actual quotation.[6] In 2015, he blamed immigrants from Mexico, with its 99% measles vaccination rate, for an outbreak of measles in the US.[7]


Hey! Stopped clock! It couldn't be because the Marshall Space Flight Center is in his district, could it?