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Andrew Wommack (1949–) is a dominionist televangelist from Colorado who thinks Christians should conquer the world (or at least Colorado) to save it from sexy gay demons. He runs various fake charities, such as Andrew Wommack Ministries and Truth & Liberty Coalition, intended to bring about tax-free world domination. These include a fundie school/diploma mill,[1] Charis Bible College, that "focuses exclusively on the Bible as our main textbook"[2] and hence provides nothing at all similar to a real college education.

Andy's zombies[edit]

Wommack runs a prosperity gospel scam, in which believers are told they can speak a Word of Faith to magically call whatever they want into existence. Examples are: money (particularly money that Andrew Wommack would really like you to donate to Andrew Wommack Ministries), or literally raising people from the dead. Wommack claims he raised his own son from the dead, and that he personally knows 30 to 40 people who have been raised from the dead. That is a god-sized delusion, folks.[3]

His various scam organizations raised $68 million in 2019.[4] Probably most of this money came from sad, desperate people who thought (because Wommack lied to them) that the donation would help them become healthy or cause their loved ones to come back from beyond the grave.

Somehow, in spite of all the money it takes in, his ministry is $25.9 million in debt, which leaves it with the most negative net worth of any ministry in the US. This might explain why he is totally desperate to dodge his taxes.[5]

Andy's demons[edit]

Andy Wommack says his followers should "take back Colorado" from Democrats, whom he thinks are literally "demon-possessed" socialist pedophiles.[4] He impotently rants that Colorado government should be "totally dominated by believers" (believers in his particular brand of hate-faith, of course) because the government must keep people from being gay. He's really, really angry that Colorado governor Jared Polis is gay.[4]

The seven mountains of influence[edit]

Christians should have dominion over unbelievers, according to Wommack, through the "seven mountains" of influence:[4]

In other words, Andy-boy thinks he and his religion deserve unfettered control over essentially everything. Andrew Wommack is the most entitled theocrat that it is possible to imagine.

Andy's spies[edit]

Wommack says "gay people should be required to put a label on their foreheads" because of how dangerous they are. This belief is horribly familiar from — and this is a rare case where the comparison is apt — the persecution of gay people by Nazi Germany. Also familiar from that era is Wommack's desire to destroy queer books. In 2022 Wommack sent someone (a "spy", as he called them) into a public school library in Woodland Park, Colorado, to look for "homosexual" books. The spy found 54 homosexual books! Scandal! Wommack plans to get the school board to remove them.[6][7] Seeing as he feels entitled to Christian dominion over all government, he won't take no for an answer.

In short, Wommack is a creepy old man spying on children (in violation of the school's safe visitor policy) convinced that he's "protecting" kids from predators by skulking around like a predator. He thinks he's going to un-gay them by taking away books about the concept of being gay. While that never works, it still provides a golden opportunity to manipulate children and make money from fellow-homophobes, so he keeps doing it.