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"Atheist thumper" or "strident atheist" is a usually pejorative term used to characterize so-called "fundamentalist atheists",[note 1] or anyone perceived as aggressively pushing their disbelief in fairy-tales upon the faithful. It is a play on the phrase "Bible thumper", which is a reference to the tendency of holy rollers to thump their Bible while preaching to the faithful and heathens alike. What exactly the atheist thumper is supposed to thump remains undefined — a stereotype might suggest The Origin of Species, but as evolution has no inherent connection to atheism, perhaps something by Jean Meslier or Friedrich Nietzsche would be more appropriate. In more recent years, the book in question might be something like Richard Dawkins's divisive tome The God Delusion.

As an insult, "atheist thumper" has a broad potential target-domain, which can extend to anyone engaged in a public show of secular humanism or anyone perceived (in the insulter's eye) as wielding science as a weapon against their religion, though given the wild overuse of the term "Bible thumper", this might well be merely analogous.

Thumpin' atheists everyone knows[edit]

Notable individuals that have been or could be accused of being atheist thumpers include:

Against All Gods A. C. Grayling

Far more obscure atheist thumpers[edit]

Hives of thumpery[edit]

Places they tend to congregate to organize their thumping include:

A joke one person likes[edit]

Perhaps "atheist Thumper" describes a famous bunny rabbit after his friend Bambi was shot. Seeing all the pain and suffering in the world, highlighted by the deer's demise, said rabbit went on to ponder at great length the problem of evil. However, this statement is unfortunately unsupported by any real "facts".

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  1. It is often argued that there can be no such thing as a "fundamentalist atheist" anymore than there can be a fundamentalist "Anti-Flying Spaghetti Monsterist".


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