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[We are a party of] reformist conservatives and rational centrists
—Park Joo-sun, 2018

The Righteous Future Party, also known as the Bareunmirae Party (바른미래당), was a South Korean centre-right political party,[1][note 1] which operated since 2018. It became the second-largest opposition party. On February 24, 2020, Party for People's LiveihoodsWikipedia was created, integrating the Bareunmirae Party, New Alternative PartyWikipedia and the Party for Democracy and Peace.

Officially, the Bareunmirae Party was classified as centre to centre-right, but there were conservative factions who expressed negative opinions towards minority civil rights movement, opposed affirmative action, and expressed homophobic and Islamophobic tendencies.[note 2]

The parties concerned were negative about the enactment of an 'anti-discrimination law'. (There is no anti-discrimination law in South Korea because of extremism freedom of speech.)[note 3]

The Bareunmirae Party was categorized as left-leaning compared to the Liberty Korea Party and right-wing compared to the Minjoo Party of Korea.

The main supporters were men in their 20s. The party was pro-Western and pro-American, but less hostile to North Korea than the Liberty Korea Party, but opposed the Sunshine Policy. The party claimed that men in their 20s are discriminated against, thus expresseed a negative stance on feminism.[2] However, the party was only sensitive to the issue of reverse discrimination among men in their 20s. The Bareunmirae party was positive about some women's-rights issues, including abortion rights. And the RFP[citation needed] also actively engaged with women's organizations and took a feminist view in areas that did not conflict with the interests of men in their 20s. In addition, Yoo Seong-minWikipedia, one of the former main leaders of the party, made an official statement supporting a major feminist protest.[3]

Even though the party was a conservative party, it supported pro-LGBT movements such as the Queer Parade and the legalization of abortion (On this issue, it was rather more progressive than the Party for Democracy and Peace.) and was the only party in South Korea to support porn legalization.[note 4] This party seemed to be sex-positive.

However, this was a thing of the past, and the "alt-lite" tendency disappeared as conservatives bolted from the party to form a new party in December 2019.


  1. In South Korean politics, it would be center to center-right, but by Western standards, it would be closer to right-wing on social issues.
  2. However, it is difficult to generalize them as they also have a stake in the liberal faction.
  3. The U.N. has demanded that the South Korean government enact a law against discrimination.
  4. In South Korea, producing and/or distributing pornography is illegal, even though its ownership isn't.