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Asian values

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The interesting question becomes; why aren't Japanese and South Koreans demonized as Nazis and fascists? We know the answer...[1]
Anders Behring Breivik

Asian values is a umbrella term used to describe a viewpoint of people from the Asian demographic. The definition is diverse which means it cannot easily be defined with the addition of ethnicity and region but there are commonly shared views on what is considered important. More often the west thinks of Asian meaning Southeast and (north)East Asian people. But in reality, Asian values are conservative ideologies that apply mainly to Southeast Asia and (north)East Asia.

The term was globally applied by 1990 by Singapore's conservative government Lee Kuan Yew that suggest that Singapore has its own set of values native to their country and people, hence its national needs and planning are be based on this. It is an idea based on "Asianism" which is largely influenced by Eastern and South East Cultural values social conservatism, traditionalism, Meritocracy ultra-elitism and Confucian-familyism.

The main point of the Asian values is to have Asian fundamental to each, traditionally is not compatible with western values systems liberal democracy or individualism, and that strong Leadership and a organized society to address it needs, the positions of power through their own democratic processes. The Idea is to based their society governance and principles, not forcefully adopting western values or assume westernization as mandated in neoliberalism and attend to was is fitting to solve it problems, suited to it own needs and conditions.

But "Asian values" are criticized by liberals in Asia and some human rights groups in the West for forming an authoritarian social atmosphere, social classism and discrimination against minorities. Indeed, (north)East Asia and Southeast Asia have Even today held gender discrimination, homophobia, abuse for the disabled, and authoritarian attitudes toward children.

Because of Asian values, the East Asian region is as economically rich as it is in the Western world, but has a much more conservative, authoritative, and discriminatory social culture than the West. Perhaps that's why Western alt-rightists deny multiculturalism but often praise the East Asian countries.

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  1. the original Norwegian text "Det interessante spørsmålet blir jo; hvorfor blir ikke Japanere og Sør-Koreanere demonisert som nazister og fascister? Svaret vet vi..."