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The Together Democratic Party(더불어민주당), also known as the Minjoo Party of Korea(민주당) is a centre to centre-left[note 1] mainstream liberal party in South Korea. It is now (2019) the ruling party. The party is interested in women's rights and social welfare policies, but is indifferent or conservative with regards to other minority issues.[note 2]

The main support group is young female, middle-aged and middle-class.

The party advocates social liberalism similar to the U.S. Democratic Party. Except for female issues, however, the Democratic Party of Korea is much more conservative than the Democratic Party of the United States. but economically, it is more progressive than the U.S. Democratic party.

The party supports an appeasement policy toward North Korea (= Sunshine Policy), and there is a bit of a left-wing nationalist inclination. but this party is somewhat friendly towards immigration.

As for the U.S., the party is less friendly than the main opposition Liberty Korea Party. With regards to Japan, the party is negative due to historical and political reasons.

This party is unfriendly to the union movement.

This party has a discriminatory view of the mentally disabled as much as a conservative-leaning party. This party also advocates the compulsory hospitalization system for mentally ill people without trial. It also indirectly advocates rampant violence in Korean society against the mentally ill.

Korean feminists support the Democratic Party. It has been criticized by right-wingers for its policy of supporting women in voluntary prostitution.[note 3] It even expelled a minjoo party politician from the party who opposed the policy.[1][note 4]

The party officially legalized abortion in April 2019. (Until then, there was a law prohibiting abortion in South Korea.)

However, this doesn't mean that the party is sex-positive; a large portion of its members and supporters are against the legalization of pornography and the sale of certain explicitly revealing sex toys, including sex dolls.

In addition, the 'Women's Violence Prevention Act'(여성폭력방지기본법. 2018) was enacted to protect only biological women and was criticized by men in their 20s and by LGBT human rights organizations. The regressive left fosters alternative right Men in their 20s think it is a party that favors only women.

Their rebuttals about the party being regressive left include the claim that S.Korea has fewer women bit more entering the society than the U.S., which causes discrimination against women to exist not in terms of system, but in employment, or 'glass barriers,' which supports their argument that they only 'seem' radical.

Some politicians have stirred controversy by accusing men in their 20s of being far-right anti-communist.[2][note 5]

South Korea's former president and Nobel Peace Prize winner Kim Dae-JungWikipedia's W.svg and Roh Moo-hyunWikipedia's W.svg also belong to the party.

Originally, the main opposition Minjoo Party of Korea had friendly relations with the U.S. Democratic Party, the main opposition Liberty Korea Party had friendly relations with the Republican Party, but friendship BROKE through the Obama administration and the Trump administration.[note 6][note 7]

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  1. South Korean political standards. Except for the issue of women's rights, the party is close to the right and conservatism in Western European political standards on social issues.
  2. Lee Hae-chan the party's leader, caused controversy for his discriminatory remarks against Vietnamese women and his hate speech against disabled people, But he did not lose significant support and is still the party leader. The leader of the center-left liberal party made the like neo-Nazi or Donald Trump remarks. Human rights groups are demanding his resignation. but he did not apologize properly and the incident was ended with happening.
  3. The Minjoo Party prefers the Northern European model in terms of sex trade issues. (The policy of reporting and supporting sex-selling women as victims and criminalizing sex-buying men as sex offenders)
  4. The politician who was virtually exiled from the Minjoo Party... has now changed his party membership to the Bareunmirae Party. His name is Hong Joon-yeon.
  5. Currently, about half of men in their 20s support the Bareunmirae Party.
  6. Perhaps paradoxically, in diplomatic matters, South Korea's right-wingers like Obama while, S.K. liberals prefer Trump. This is because Obama was hostile to North Korea whereas Trump wants dialogue with Pyongyang.(The Bill Clinton administration supported the sunshine policy. However, the Barack Obama administration opposed the sunshine policy and was quite hostile to the North Korea.)
  7. Currently, the Minjoo Party of Korea has more exchanges with the U.S. Republican Party than with the U.S. Democratic Party. The Minjoo Party dislikes the Democratic mainstream of the United States and favors non-mainstream leftists like Bernie Sanders. (Bernie Sanders supports the Sunshine Policy.)
  8. Unlike the Democratic Party of the United States, however, it is limited to its own people. It is indifferent to foreign women's rights.