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The Party for Democracy and Peace (민주평화당) was a South Korean centrist,[note 1] liberal (de jure) and Christian democratic (de facto) party. On February 24, 2020, it merged into the Party for People's Liveihoods alongside the Bareunmirae Party, New Alternative PartyWikipedia and the Party for Democracy and Peace.

The party supported appeasement measures against North Korea, and supported economic justice but opposed abortion rights and homosexuality[1] (but did not insist on social exclusion and abhorrence of homosexuals like the right-wing Bareunmirae Party and the main opposition Liberty Korea Party).

This party was regionalist and used the middle-aged people of Jeolla province[2][note 2] as its main support base.

In addition to liberalism, the party in question also advocated for egalitarianism, supported affirmative action for women and the elderly.[3]

It was the third largest opposition party. The main supporters were the liberal elderly and the Jeolla province people.

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  1. By South Korean political standards.
  2. During the far-right military dictatorship in the 1980s, the May 18 Democratic Movement took place in Gwangju, a downtown district of Jeolla Province. That's why it's a rural area with a strong political liberal leanings. But socially, it is also conservative in South Korea.