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Not to be confused with the Conservative Party (UK)

New Cons, or Party of New Conservatives (새로운보수당, Saerounbosudang), was a right-wing conservative party in South Korea that was founded in December 2019. The party was created by young conservatives in the Bareunmirae Party, who bolted from that party.

It was the South Korean party of the 20s man, by the 20s man, for the 20s man.

The Party was very much against the civil rights of minorities. On the other hand, some took liberal views in areas related to the interests of men in their 20s. In short, it was cherry-picking.

Officially, it was classified as center-right and liberal conservative.

On Feb. 17, 2020, the party in question died out through a merger with the Liberty Korea Party and other conservative right-wing parties. (See the United Future Party)

Political position[edit]


The party was classified as center-right by South Korean standards. However, in Western Europe and the U.S., there are many aspects that are close to right-wing populism.

The following lists the political inclinations of the party's key members:

Uh… Why was it classified as a "center-right"??[edit]

  • Men in their 20s in South Korea are the party's main supporters. In South Korea, the term 'far-right' refers mainly to anti-communist and traditionalist older people, unlike in the Western world.
    • Men in their 20s, the main supporters of the New Cons, dislike the mainstream South Korean right-wing and embrace the values of Western right-wingers. In other words, the party is far from the traditional South Korean far-right.
    • As it happens, the generation in Korea most friendly to LGBT human rights consists of those in their 20s.
  • Unlike the LKP, the New Cons have few traditionalist tendencies and are not very strong in their anti-communist tendencies. Rather, they like Western culture.
  • Unlike the U.S. and Europe, it is hard to see Muslims in South Korea. Very few Muslims live in South Korea. In other words, "anti-Islam" is not a political issue in South Korea in the first place.
  • They are officially advocating "centrist conservatism" (중도 보수).[6]
  • Even though a large portion of the party leans towards alt-lite ideals, some of its main leaders, especially Yoo Seong-minWikipedia, have expressed positive opinions about Feminism and LGBT rights.

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  1. DCinside term for its sub-boards (similar to Reddit's subreddit system)
  2. For your information, there is no law banning discrimination against LGBT in South Korea yet.
  3. The mainstream political forces in the New Cons praise Western world politics, society and culture. Some party members think South Korea is the most westernized in East Asia, and negative for Confucianism and oriental medicine.
  4. The New Cons does not support masculism. In fact, the concept of "masculism" in Korea is not a popularly known concept except for some men in their 20s. This party officially supports gender equality.