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Billy James Hargis (August 3, 1925 - November 27, 2004) was a radio preacher, Christian college founder, and head of a pressure group called the "Christian Crusade" (sort of an early precursor to the Moral Majority and Christian Coalition) who railed against the evils of Communism, sex education, and rock & roll corrupting the morals of America's youth. His empire collapsed in 1974 after (why oh why is this so predictable?) a sex scandal, when students from his Christian college came forward to reveal that they had both lost their virginity to Billy James Hargis. Even more bizarre, the two students who came forward were a married couple who had admitted this to each other on their honeymoon.

One of his associates (David Noebel) was the author of two books published by the Christian Crusade claiming the Beatles were a Communist plot to brainwash America's youth into placidly accepting Soviet rule using hypnotism and demonic jungle rhythms.

Radio host Don Imus has often included a televangelist character named "Billy Sol Hargis" in some of his material.[1]

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