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The Pie and Mash Squad (formerly Casuals United) is a British anti-Islam protest group set up by Jeff Marsh in 2009.[1] Officially, it is non-racist and peaceful; in practice, it is ultimately just the English Defence League all over again.

The group is closely tied to football fandom, identifying itself as "uniting the UK’s football tribes against the Jihadists".[2] Its name derived from the "casual" subcultureWikipedia which is associated with football hooliganism.

The Casuals United blog praises Enoch Powell: "Who still thinks Enoch Powell was wrong? Only left wing anti white morons", it says.[3] Beyond this, the outfit's dubious racial views extend to its support for a white pride event run by a family of Welsh neo-Nazis.[4]

The group had a falling out with the EDL's LGBT division[note 1] after the Casuals United blogger Zoe Marsh (also known as Zoe Smith) posted homophobic comments.[5]

From 2014, the group renamed themselves on Twitter and Facebook as the Pie And Mash Squad.[6]

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  1. Wait … the EDL has one of those?