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King James Video Ministries is an online nondenominational, and somewhat extreme fundamentalist Christian ministry run by a de-facto married couple consisting of a self-appointed pastor, Bryan Denlinger (1975–), and his wife Katherine, who maintain a YouTube channel with over 52K subscribers,[1] as well as a website.[2]

Their main schtick involves complete adhesion and defense of the King James Bible, hence its name, as well as multiple conspiracy theories surrounding the geopolitical and social world with an overarching anti-Catholic narrative. At first, the Denlingers’ rhetoric resembles that of other fundies such as those in the New IFB, but don’t think that they are alike, as they avoid any association with most other ministries and churches for many reasons.

In the beginning[edit]

Bryan was born and raised in Strasberg, Pennsylvania, to a Mennonite of Germanic descent. He hated school, believing it blocked full-time employment for him,[3] and he "wasn’t about to go to some university and spend time sitting at a desk and reading some books”. He attended multiple churches in his early life, with sporadic attendance due to issues he would have. At one point, he volunteered to teach Sunday school, but it required a police background check which he found a "little bit weird".[4]

In 1997, he started working as a woodturner, turning spinning tops, bowls, and ornamental curios, which he exhibited in art galleries and craft shows, while also making furniture. He indicated he only did it for money and found it unfulfilling making things for the rich. However, he still considers himself a woodturner by trade.[5]

After a trip to Honduras, he became born again and took an interest in the Bible. Inspired by Peter Ruckman’s media, he began creating his own, marketing it through his ministry and others' webstores.[5]

In 2009, he began his channel under husky394xp, named after the chainsaw which he used for logging. The channel was mainly about that, until it became the main ministry channel, which became profitable enough that he was able to quit and focus on developing his cult ministry. Today, he resides near Bridgewater, Maine[note 1] after the prompting of a follower, due a lack of affordable property,[5][6] and since 2012, he's been married to Katherine, and they have had a child named Oliver.

... speaking of which[edit]

Katherine grew up in Iowa, suffering from seizures with no cure[7] as well as a learning disability, making the classroom setting difficult[8] and deeming her a slow learner.[9] She attended Atlantic High School, but failed standardized testing and was sent to remedial courses. She described herself as a loner unable to make friends during that period.[7] While being, according to herself, athletically gifted, she suffered from gender confusion which she blames on playing sports,[9] and has periodically been under psychiatric care.[7]

She was raised Lutheran by her parents and attended Lutheran colleges,[9][8] though she considers them to be Catholic and claims that she learned to commit the sin of drinking coffee while attending Sunday school.[7]

She claimed to be a spook in the military industrial complex, and allegedly served in the Navy between 2007 and 2010 in the Persian Gulf. A serviceman introduced her to REX 84 documents where she learned dark secrets and kept questioning orders. She began seeing the U.S. as an evil country mired in the sin of espionage, and "discovered" that they were developing a cyborg army.[8] She was ordered to undergo a psychological examination due to anger issues, after which, she was returned to duty.[3] She failed a later evaluation and was honorably discharged.[9]

Disenchanted, she sought non-mainstream Christianity, worsening relations with her family, and tried proselytizing to potential employers, though no one wanted to join her particular cult of the day. During this time, she began getting away from the world’s tech[8] and began making contact with KJV-onlyists. The rest was history.

Her sermons are pitted with back-biting, talebearing and gossip and preached in an occasionally loud, obnoxious manner. Her husband considers those who exhibit these character traits to be possessed by the Jezebel spirit.[10] He does make an exception for his wife, so you’d be wrong to consider otherwise.


Bryan teaches that believers like him existed since the time of Christ and were disparaged as Gnostics and heretics by the Roman Catholic Church, and that his group are called heretics today and always been called such. He claims that his church descends from what was the First Church of Heretics. Inconsistently, he tends to call his critics heretics. The reason he claims that there’s no records of his cult is that the Catholic Church burned them, and that the history books were written by Catholics. The absence of evidence for his claims, he argues, in effect proves him. Like many cult leaders, he claims that he receives revelations from Jesus and the Holy Spirit. He has claimed that he speaks on the prompting of the spirit.[11]


Bryan exhibiting his extensive collection of Ruckman's musings.

Much of Bryan's views are heavily influenced by Peter Ruckman and Eric Jon Phelps, describing them as "two phenomenal very intelligent men" and has repeatedly defended them from detractors.[12][13][14]. On issues such as race relations and culture, his views are a carbon copy of those of Phelps, while theologically his views are like Ruckman. Phelps’ book, Vatican Assassins, further shaped his views towards Catholicism and Jesuits.

Other sources of influence were tract writer Jack T. Chick and Alberto Rivera who formed much of Denlinger's anti-Catholicism, which was reinforced by Phelps, who himself was influenced by the duo.

A Mennonite-Anabaptist influence underlies much of his worldview which figures in Pennsylvania, due to its origins as a land-grant by Charles II at the behest of William Penn for non-conformists who faced persecution from mainline Protestants in Europe.[citation needed] However, this has, in modern times, turned the state into a magnet for hate groups, and gives rise to his attempt to recreate the early church, as he sees it, of the Bible, which can be seen in his claim that were only house churches in that period.

Drinking the Drano[edit]

Bryan comes across as extremely arrogant and prideful, with an inferiority complex to boot, compensating for it in aggression towards opponents, going so far as to recommend that they drink Drano or sulfuric acid to "test their spirit" and on camera in full view of their subscribers.[15][16] He has yet to do the same.

In a sermon alluding to Jonestown, Bryan, exhibiting his knowledge of geography, claimed that the massacre occurred in Africa.[16] The incident occurred in Guyana, which is in South America. Furthermore, he posits that Jim Jones was cursed by God for hitting the Bible.[15] He asks as to why anyone filled with the spirit would hit the Bible, despite in one of his own tirades he is seen hitting it repeatedly.[16] The video was later deleted.


Membership is only opened to those who are already saved, without exception. Those wishing to join are vetted through an interview process beforehand by the Denlingers to tell if they’re truly saved.[citation needed] If the candidate is approved, they can fellowship.

Members are required to proselytize through street preaching, door to door evangelism, passing out tracts, and distributing material. All members are expected to assist with the ministry.[17] Bryan doesn't stipulate a tithing percentage from those who watch the videos, but expects to be compensated for preaching. Nevertheless, he does entreat subscribers to donate and those who do so would be presenting that gift before the "throne of God" and will be duly compensated perhaps not in wealth but other areas of life.[6]

Cultic behavior[edit]

Bryan has claimed that he doesn’t make a good cult leader to counter accusations. His main claim is that he doesn’t have a church building,[18] which he equates to having a cult. He also indicates that having a wilderness compound is a sign of a cult, however, he purchased property for a ministry and home.[19][20] Of course, his defense because he refers to it as property and not a compound. No telling what the difference about it anyway. To his credit, he’s since claimed that it's his vacation home.[18] He's also indicated that, as he is not a sexual pervert, he doesn't qualify. While years of porn addiction may not have turned himself into a pervert, we'll take his word. Lastly, he says that he doesn't elevate himself above others. Of course, claiming to receive revelations through the spirit doesn’t count. However, Denlingerism exhibits strong cultic behavior as given by Steven Hassan's BITE model.[citation needed]

While Bryan claims that he doesn't hold those who don't follow him are "unsaved", for all intents and purposes, all those who hold opposite viewpoints are such.[18] He suggests that only those who are truly “saved” can understand his preaching and follow it, while the unsaved cannot understand because they do not have the spirit. If a person is against his unique teachings on the Godhead, they are unsaved.[21][22]

During interviews, Bryan requires the person to reveal personal information and how he/she got “saved” and any associations they may have had. No person with a Jesuit education need apply. He’ll frequently call members, whom he refers to as the '"body of Christ", to uproot dissent within and inform him regarding private conversations with another member or where one might have faltering allegiance to him or his teachings.

He attempts to control what former members may say by threatening to divulge confidential information regarding that member, conducting an online criminal background check and disclosing private information regarding the former follower including their actual legal name, email, and address. Like many cults, few leave with their dignity intact. Of course, those who turn against him were not truly “saved” but used deception to appear so.

Once a person is shunned, members are warned not to have any further dealings with that individual by claiming the Biblical principle of being unequally yoked.[23] He expects followers to minimize contact with the “unsaved” world, and to flag and report videos which take issue with him, and his ministry to YouTube as harassment and bullying. Denlinger's cult though this process has successfully removed contrarian content from the YouTube platform through sheer loyalty and numbers of complaints by his sycophants.[24] Denlinger and followers with multiple YouTube accounts will dislike videos causing the impression to viewers that the videos are wrong. Largely due to the reprisals suffered even the more vocal apostates have deleted critical content about him due to the threats hanging over their head like the Sword of Damocles.

On the Godhead[edit]

Bryan began exploring the concept of the Godhead when an Indian subscriber sent him a request to explain the concepts of man being body, soul and spirit in June 2012 and began exploring the Godhead using this concept.[25][dead link] He based this concept on the Johannine Comma (1 John 5:7-8) which doesn't appear in most Bibles and was an inclusion from analogical explanatory notes. Since the KJV has this known corruption in its text, he's stuck with it to prove his Godhead.

He rejects Trinitarianism and substitutes it with a Sabellian God. He teaches that there’s one God and it's Jesus Christ who embodies the complete Godhead where Jesus’ body, soul and spirit are the father, son and Holy Spirt respectively. He also claimed he was dumbfounded when other Christians took umbrage at his teachings as he went about upending their apple carts.[26]

He also calls out atheists (Whom he considers Luciferians[27]), attempting to provide a proof for the existence of his deity using "Catholic" cosmological arguments for the existence of God posited by medieval scholastic theologian and philosopher, Thomas Aquinas.[28] Aquinas' Argument from Motion, Argument of First Cause and Argument from Contingency attempt to prove the existence of a deity outside space and time. However, since it’s, from its inception, a material being, it’s therefore dependent on space and time to give it material and dimensionality. Perhaps, if one has a powerful enough telescope, we should be able to view it somewhere on Kolob were the Mormons claims their gods reside.

Perecution complex[edit]

Bryan takes issue with those who call him a hypocrite and that he's unsure who's worse, those who are who are out to character assassinate, or those who watch their videos and question him. He insinuates that his teachings are pearls and his critics are swine who turn on him, and that no one should refer to videos that were removed.[29] He even said that those who continue to watch and criticize him rather than ignore him are demonically possessed.[30] All this said in perfect mind-controlling cult leader fashion.

Bryan suffers from a severe persecution complex. Criticism will set him off on a name-calling rant, considering some of it to be persecution and the work of the Satan against him,[31] and sees it as evidence that he’s saved and those persecuting him aren’t. While he will change his mind on a few subjects, he will go off at other times as well.

They [the military] are trying more and more to get me kicked off [YouTube]. There are guys in military intelligence types that have been threatening me and things like this so how longer this channel is going to exist I do not know.[32]

The End is nigh[edit]

The ministry holds a premillennial dispensationalist view of the End Times. The Gospels were a transitory dispensation while only Paul's writing are considered for the "Church Age," or the current age,[31] and that the New Testament to be that which is written of the church after the death of Jesus, as such does not accept that the Gospels were written to persons of the "church age". According to Bryan, "tribulation" is not a Biblical word, and that the “Time of Jacob’s Trouble” is the correct term. Also, to him, the Catching Away of the Body of Christ [note 2] will happen when God intends it to happen.[33]

The doctrine was popularized in 1830 by John Nelson Darby, founder of the Exclusive Brethren. When this was pointed out, he merely claims that all those who believed in it were burned at the stake and the writings were destroyed by the Roman system. It’s rather convenient to claim that wherever a chain of belief doesn’t exist. One has to wonder if he'd accept the same claim made by biologists who can predict where transitions exist in human evolution. This is an archetypical example of when one believes without evidence but disparages those who have evidence for their belief.

The Catching Away is doctrine to KJVM and those who don’t believe it aren’t saved,[34] which could mean that no one prior to 1830 was saved, perhaps with the exception of Francisco Ribera and Manuel Lacunza the two Jesuits who dreamt up this nonsense.[35]

Beating back the Pope[edit]

Bryan teaches that the Roman Catholic Church is a continuation of the Roman system which crucified Jesus and continues to persecute Christians.[36] He believes the Vatican's goal is world domination, and Catholicism is the One World Religion of the Antichrist.[37] He teaches that the US military was started and owned by Rome,[38][dead link] and that the Catholic Church, the military industrial complex and the alt-right make up the Devil's Triangle, which employs the Hegelian dialectic of thesis (capitalism), antithesis (communism) to synthesize fascism.[32]

To him, all Protestants are crypto Catholics which collaborate with Catholics and adhere to the Trinity.[39] The only true Bible believing Christians are those who share his opinion.

Whore of Babylon[edit]

He claims that the Catholic Church is the only entity which fits the description of the Whore of Babylon, and that the past five kingdoms of the Antichrist ruled the world: Babylon, Medes, Persia, Greece and Rome. Today, it’s Roman Catholicism. He bases this on his criteria that Babylon must be a woman, city and empire.[40][dead link] Further proof that he offers is that the Vatican City is built on seven hills (Seven heads represent seven hills (Revelation 17:9)). One is left wondering as to where the British, the Mongols or the Soviets fit into the picture as the Babylonians, and Medes wouldn't make it into the 25 largest empires. This leads one to suspect that these "empires" were chosen so as to prop up a particular eisegetical reading which would conform a particular bias. That or shoehorning ideas in order to fit the narrative. He would also consider Roman Catholicism as the Babylon Mystery Religion,[36] a name based on a book by Robert Woodrow, with views that Woodrow later recanted in Babylonian Connection?.

Being a Bible thumping hick, it’s excusable that he apparently didn’t know that Vatican City sits on Vatican Hill, which is not one of Rome’s seven hills.[41] It also sits outside Ancient Rome, not within it. Besides, there are many cities which sit on seven hillsWikipedia.

Constantine invented Catholicism[edit]

According to Bryan, Constantine invented Roman Catholicism. Since Christianity couldn’t be curbed, Catholicism was made from paganism, which may contradict how he claimed it came from Babylon. He then goes on to claim that once Constantine merged them by giving Roman gods saint names, he changed the Caesar of Rome to the Pope of Rome – the Pontifex Maximus.[4] Bryan asserts these as well-known facts.

The Church has existed since the First Century, and according to early church historians, the Apostles themselves belonged to it.[note 3][note 4][note 5] There's general agreement among historians that the Catholic Church was the original Christian church. Outside of Protestantism, there are notable exceptions.[42] No writings contemporary to the period can prove the contrary, most of which have their origins in the 16th century or later. Knowing this fact, he claims that the evidence was burned, often an excuse of a charlatan who can't offer any.

The Roman Empire continued to have Caesars and Augusti after Constantine and continued in the east as the Byzantine Empire until 1453. The secular rulership was never transferred by the Roman Empire to the Pope. The Pope (properly the Bishop of Rome) has existed according to ecclesiastical historians all the way back to the 1st century. The title Pontifex Maximus was never transferred to the Pope and continued to be used by the Augusti at least until 382 after which it appears to have fallen into disuse, until it was picked up by the Pope later on in the 15th century.

Dual Catholic Trinity[edit]

Bryan sermonizing on what he claims to be the dual Catholic Trinity and how it is symbolized by the Star of David. Perhaps, it'd be better served reading the books on his shelf rather than serving as a backdrop.

Bryan asserts that Catholics worship two trinities – one on earth and another in heaven, and that the earthly trinity is Mary (Isis), Joseph (Horus) and Jesus (Seth),[43] and the IHS on the Jesuit crest is that. In reality, it’s an abbreviation of the first letters of IHΣΟΥΣ (Jesus in Greek).[44] He claims that the Star of David is a representation of the dual Catholic Trinity symbolized by the two interconnected triangles one pointing down and the other up. To him, the Catholic Trinity is actually the satanic trinity of the father (the false prophet), son (the beast) and spirit (Satan), and it was revealed to him by the Holy Spirit when reading scripture. According to him, the Vatican, which now controls Jerusalem, will install this trinity there. He also claims that Catholics believe each of the part of the Trinity has a body, soul and spirit, therefore, Catholics have nine gods.[45][46][dead link] He labels another charlatan, Benny Hinn, as a Catholic to make his case.[45]


Jesuit conspiracies are quite common in the Denlingers' musings. Given Bryan's distrust of academics, it’s not surprising that much of his knowledge is derived from wingnut comics.[47] He and Katherine believe that nearly every event in modern history was had some form of involvement with Jesuits bent on world domination.

Bryan has a bit of interest in trying to figure out who’s actually in cahoots with the Jesuits, and associates include Trump, the Clintons, Alex Jones and organizations such as the Red Cross and Boy Scouts. Even other fundies aren't spared. James White, who is called a “KJV denier”, was labeled a Jesuit for having a book he authored endorsed by Norman Geisler who obtained his doctorate from Loyola University. He also believes they started the Vietnam War to gain control of the heroin trade, and sold arms to Buddhists and combatants with the help of the CIA.[43]

2016 presidential election[edit]

Bryan claims that the Vatican controlled the 2016 presidential election. He examined photographs and a video of the Knights of Columbus' Al Smith Dinner, a charity fundraiser which funds other charities in New York City, hosted by Cardinal Dolan, which Bryan described as a psyop. In a sermon best described as an exercise in apophenia, he says that both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are servants of the Vatican. He deduced this from Trump’s OK 'secret gesture' which he claims symbolizes 666. He also examined people at the dinner, claiming one was the 'harlot in scarlet', and another was a Kabbalistic magician. A chandelier in the background is described as a magical halo over Dolan's head, and that Trump and Bill Clinton are Jesuit trained provocateurs.[48][note 6]

Mohammed the Catholic?[edit]

Bryan admits that he learned about Islam from the Alberto's comic, The Prophet,[37], which claims Islam was started by the Catholic Church to destroy Judaism, so Jerusalem can belong to Rome, despite the historical fact that the Roman Empire held Jerusalem at the time. Waraqah ibn Nawfal, who is called a Catholic priest, and Khadijah bint Khuwaylid, a Catholic nun, recruited Mohammed to start Islam.[49]

According to the Hadith, Khadijah was a pagan who kept idols, including one of al-Ussa in her home.[50] All accounts indicate that she was a pagan among other Arabs. Waraqah ibn Nawfal, who was her cousin, was according to the ahadith, a Nasara which indicates that he was likely a Nazorean. The Pope couldn't have had influence directly over the Middle East. Also, the comic also claims that true Christians existed in North Africa away from Rome. This only could mean Egypt, as the rest such as Carthage was under the Western Patriarch. By claiming that Alexandria was where true Christians resided, the "Alexandrians were heretics" claim is smoked.

He builds upon Alberto's narrative by claiming that the Muslims got out of hand, and Rome always desired to destroy Islam. He claims that they're trying to woo Muslims with peace until they can build up the Antichrist's army. The immigration crisis was started to cause strife between Europeans and Muslims. Later on, the Vatican will destroy Mecca and Medina, causing the “vile Arabs” to attack in the West, causing Protestants and Catholics to unite into the Roman Catholic religion to fight Islam. This is, according to him, the goal of the ecumenical movement. When the Time of Jacob’s Trouble begins, the crusade would have already been underway while the Vatican positions its chess pieces. He recommends that Muslims to return to where they came from, so that they do not become cannon fodder.[37]


Due to past experiences, Bryan harbors a deep seeded grudge against Baptists. He calls their pastors hirelings who desert the flock in a crisis, unlike a real shepherd, and doesn't understand why churches are needed as they aren’t scriptural,[10] and are a recent development, as they were only around for 200 years. Perhaps, he never learnt of Baptist history even after attending their churches. John Smyth established the first Baptist church in London in 1611 after leading a congregation since 1608 in Amsterdam.[citation needed]

He claims the churches are filled with loud obnoxious women who are backbiters, tale bearers, and whisperers who speak over their husbands, and have the spirit of Jezebel. He faults Baptists for allowing women to work outside the home and doesn't consider allowing them to teach Sunday school if they don't have children. He takes issue with churches allowing women who attend the churches to wear form fitting clothing, have short hair, wear their hair up instead of down and wear cosmetics instead of preaching against such.

He also tends to dox opponents, which he calls naming names, including ordinary parishioners and their children, providing their names, the towns they live in, and the churches they attend. He calls out the churches for harboring thieves – who borrowed books from him and not returned them. Doubling down, he did what was listed above.[10]

Thou shalt not have church buildings before me[edit]

Bryan claims that the Bible doesn’t support church buildings for worship and are Pagan inventions. He claims that they were used for the worship of goddesses, and that the Bible only uses the word 'church' to mean people. He warns followers against the adoption of buildings as “churches”, as they're a Catholic practice with the phallic steeples representing "mother earth and father sky", and Parthenon temple structures. He claims that nowhere in the Bible does it claim that Christians should attend or build them.[51][52][dead link] As might be expected, this rule doesn’t apply to him, as he has preached at churches until the usual acrimonious disagreements ensued.

He contends that they’re meant for Satan and the worship of the Image of the Beast, becoming venues for the Antichrist. Baptist churches, according to him, are modeled after the Greek amphitheaters with the circular seating.[53] Perhaps he should've taken a few courses in the sciences, arts and architecture as there are a myriad of scientific and architectural reasons for such designs. However, he may be excused for not having worthwhile knowledge which may have given him an understanding of the subject.

His claims are at variance with general and architectural history. Church buildings have been unearthed in the Middle East, dating prior to the Diocletian Persecution. According to historians of the era, such as Eusebius and Lactantius, all churches were destroyed or confiscated during that time, meaning they had to exist beforehand. While it's true that many early Christians worshipped in houses such as those of Archippus, Phebe, or Epenetus, it’s evident that church buildings were a thing back then.

King James or bust[edit]

Bryan in particular believes that the Bible is the sole source of all truth as pertaining to Christianity - at least. If it's not in the Bible, it's not true. However, all but himself are subject to this standard. He considers any Bible that isn't the KJV to be fabrications from Jesuits and other heathens. To support this, he rhetorically questions as to how Bible-believing Christians were saved if not for the KJV. He concludes that since they are saved, it can only be attributed the KJV's existence.[54] He claims he knows he's saved because the KJV tells him so, and he knows he is interpreting it properly because he is saved. Some would call this circular reasoning, but to Bryan, it's just another day at the office. He does accept foreign translations as long as they're translated word for word from the KJV (so in practice, no foreign language translation is the word of God). He considers those who reject this belief to be lost.[55] To him, those who try altering the KJV are liars, and found the 102 spelling updates to the KJV to be inauthentic corruptions. However, he doesn't consider the change from 29 letter typology (as in the original KJV) to the 26-letter typology (of current Bibles) to be bad. He only considers the Cambridge KJV text fully authentic.[54] All others are heretical, manipulated to keep Christians from being "saved". Periodically, he's given to rants against White who he claims is colluding with the Jesuits.[56] You must take into account however that since he considers Anglicans to be Catholic (like all mainstream Protestant churches), and that they translated the KJV, it too would be a "Catholic" Bible, that is, if one applies his logic.

You get some of these people uh you know in there like the Unitarians and things you know Thayer the Thayer's Greek Lexicon you got was a Unitarian the guy wasn't even saved. Not even a saved man and he's gonna to tell you what Greek words mean you know how it relates to the King James Bible. Yeah, like you can really trust him. A lot of the people that work on the Greek you know like the text committees and things they're not even saved.[57]

Most neo-Christian sects and cults such as the Mormons, Jehovah's Witnesses, Black Hebrew movement used the KJV as the basis for what is considered heterodox, including the (few) elements of historical orthodoxy that Bryan still adheres to. Due its archaic and ambiguous lexicon, the KJV has given rise to almost all of the modern splinters that Bryan and his ilk would consider to be "cults". If Bryan were to apply his standards uniformly, he would reject the KJV as possibly the worst translation known to man, but he doesn’t.

Like many KJV cultists, he makes the mistake of associating it with Antiochian manuscripts[31][dead link] which is a not a manuscript category but one which is invented to justify the claims.[58][59] The KJV is translated from the Textus Receptus which is based on six Byzantine manuscripts, none dating prior to the 14th century. He mistakenly claims that Alexandrian manuscripts were from Alexandria. This is an academic classification of manuscripts which use the uncial script which was used in the earliest manuscripts and take its name from the Codex Alexandrius (Manuscript A) which is of of Greek origin, not Egyptian.

In a twist, he accuses those who "idolize" the original autographs (which in reality is no one) of committing "Catholic idolatry" due to their reverence for the original writings.[60] Ironically, he elsewhere accuses Catholics of not having reverence for the Bible. He indicates that God himself didn’t care that Moses had no respect for the Ten Commandments when he shattered them by throwing them on the ground. He seems to have missed the fact that the stone tablets which the Bible records Moses as having shattered were not manuscripts of the Scriptures.

At least the Earth's round?[edit]

Bryan explaining the existence of an absolute east and west on a globe.

In an FAQ, Bryan attempted to explain how the four corners of the earth found in the Bible could exist on a globe, that thankfully he considers to be true, in which there's a point on earth that can be reached that at which all movement is then southward (which is true) and likewise there is a point south which can be reached where all movement there on is northward (again, true).[61] He then attempts to claim that there is a point of east which can be reached where all further movement is west, and vice versa, which is demonstrably false as a person could keep walking east or west and never arrive at a point which which would cause him or her to travel west or east respectively. Ever the dingbat, he envisions that there’s an East and West Pole but people don’t like talking about it.

Doubly inspired or new inspiration?[edit]

Bryan claims that the KJV was translated by the Holy Spirit of God. However, he claims that he doesn’t teach that it isn’t a product of double inspiration, and explains that the 47 people and the earlier 54 who worked on the KJV between 1604 and 1611 knew what to write down, which is why it’s God's book and other versions aren't.[62] Being a Ruckmanite, his view meets the definition of the KJV being a new minting. Most KJV onlyists find this view too wacky even for them.

Given that he claims that there are readings in the KJV that are not in the Greek texts,[57] one can conclude only that the KJV is Bible 2.0 updated and fully revised for a new era.

Erasmus’ errors[edit]

Bryan questions if Erasmus was a Catholic, why didn’t Catholics use his Textus Receptus.[63] The simple reason is that it was a flawed prepared text and they knew it. The Vatican Library already housed manuscripts which were 1,100 years older than the oldest underlying manuscripts used for the Textus Receptus, which were six[64] incomplete Byzantine manuscripts. Also, the Pope had native speakers of both languages, which not even one translator of the KJV could claim to be. The result was when the Douay-Rheims Bible was evaluated by a computer algorithm designed by Protestants themselves and was determined to be the most accurate English Bible[65] even though it was a translation of a translation which happened to be based on a text 1,000 years older than the manuscripts of the Textus Receptus.

Parallel to Erasmus, the Grand Inquisitor Cardinal Francisco Jiménez de Cisneros (a native Hebrew speaker - he was a Jew) created the Complutensian Polyglot Bible, which relied on the critical texts in the Vatican instead of the late era majority text Bibles which accumulated errors over time. It’s in this tradition which the current benchmark the Nestle Aland Novum Testamentum Graece follows.[65] That relies heavily on manuscripts and codices provided by the Vatican because they preserved copies of the oldest Bibles in both Greek and Latin.

When facing criticism of this, Denlinger ran instead to Theodore Beza’s editions as being a source of the KJV,[66] jumping from the frying pan to the fire. Beza used the Codex Bazae[67], which he stole from a monastery in Lyon, France during the Wars of Religion. The manuscript was a polyglot prepared by the Catholic Church which uses the Greek text which academics consider Alexandrian script while being overall a Western manuscript for its inclusion of a Latin translation.

Witches stole all the symbols[edit]

Agnus Dei - The Lamb of God.

Bryan has a knack for finding hidden meanings when simpler, more rational explanations exists. Much of his material engages in apophenia and pareidolia to vent against susceptible people. Nearly everything takes on a meaning associated with the NWO, whether it be flags, signs, or shapes.

According to him, the Pope went to Egypt and brought over the obelisk, a pagan phallic symbol, and erected it in St. Peter’s Square and he questions as to why it couldn't have been made in Rome.[68][dead link] The Vatican Obelisk was brought from Egypt by Augustus CaesarWikipedia and was erected at the Circus of Nero (or Caligula).[69] Old St. Peter’s Basilica was built there,[70] where Peter, the Apostles, and many others were martyred. When the Basilica was rebuilt, the Chigi family donated the obelisk so it could be erected in its original location to remember the martyrs.

In a sermon smearing a nearby church, the Denlingers explored the symbolism behind the Angus Dei. According to them, it is of a Catholic military order and the sun burst (halo) symbolizes Nimbus (a nonexistent deity in a nonexistent pantheon). Given their ignorance, it’s the halo itself which is a cloud symbolizing sanctity of the person. He questions why Protestants would use an obvious Catholic symbol for the Godhead as it isn't Biblical.[38][dead link] Surprisingly, he didn't realize that the symbol modeled after John 1:29.

Disclaimer: He claimed that video captures of hand signs should not be used as evidence of membership in occultic organization and that only photographs like the ones he uses should count.[71]

Mirror, mirror on the wall[edit]

Artiste extraordinaire, Denlinger found the Catholic painting of the Annunciation by the Spanish Baroque painter Bartolomé Esteban Murillo distasteful and pornographic.[72] Brianus Denlingerum locuta est; causa finita est.

Bryan considers himself an artist and "coming from the art world",[73] and since he worked as a woodturner, he is an artist, but considers most art perverted.

He plays the part of the village idiot in a sermon against Medieval and Renaissance art. According to him, such art encourages pedophilia and is the work of perverts. The sermon's purpose was to “wake up the Catholic people to the fact their system has always been corrupt” and that “these paintings have no basis in scripture, and merely show the perversion of the artists who painted them.” He goes on to ask his audience, pointing at Cherubs as to where in the Bible there are “naked babies with wing flying in full nudity”?

You got to watch out for this thing of art to okay. I was in the art field for a few years and I know a lot of this stuff, you know, and they used to just push the envelope of what is acceptable and they call it art. Okay. You are painting nude things and stuff all the time, you're a pervert! Okay. Don't tell me "oh because I respect the human body and hmm-umm Sure you do. I was around that stuff, I know what, you know, how that thing works.[72]

We don’t need no education[edit]

Bryan despises formal education, whether it be in the liberal arts or in theology, and even high school. For him, working and being productive instead of receiving an education is somewhat of a Christian ideal.[74] To the Denlingers, all formal education is based on the Jesuitical method and connected to their system.[74][75] The Jesuits were Europe's schoolmasters and have influenced the modern education system which exists in most of the world. The pedagogy is one of mind control to create dumbed down slaves. It doesn't matter if a student attended public or private schools, Jesuits created and control it.[76]

They claim that most STEM is of occultic and Jesuitical origins, and figures such as Euler, Descartes and Newton[note 7] dabbled in the occult. According to him, studying medicine, science or philosophy will lead to ruin, and that those who go to college are forever learning and never come to the truth (2 Timothy 3:7), all while running the risk of being in crippling debt,[77] and advises those in college to drop out.[74] He requires a dumbed-down audience, and should they get one, they would high tail it out of his cult.

Katherine claims that she was forced to learn keyboarding skills which she did poorly at, and preferred cursive. She later claims that parents who don't homeschool their children and teach them handwriting skills are in sin.[78]

Don’t forget to wear your tin foil hats[edit]

The Denlingers preaching about mind control.

According to the Denlingers, God hates those who put themselves in authority over others, and it’s what being a Nicolaitan is. Bryan claims a Nicolaitan practices mind control over others, and Diotrephes was one who loved to wield power over his church and claim it for himself.[79] This however contradicts Early Christian writers such as Irenaeus, who indicated that they were idolaters and fornicators,[note 8] and Clement of Alexandria implied that they gave in to their vices to overcome them.[note 9]

Bryan claims that everyone has been subject to mind control, and any relationship with an authority is exactly that. It’s how pastors control members, doctors control patients and professors control students. He suggests practicers are programmers and the subjects are victims. The programmer would physically and verbally abuse the victim, and would later flatters them into thinking the relationship is equal.

Churches are filled with Diotrephes like pastors, filled with pride and arrogance,[79] and have microwave emitters in the steeples through which mind control can be asserted.[51] When a pastor feels that a person makes him/her feel uncomfortable, he/she will use mind control to put the opponent down. Pastors want to assert control over the church by wanting congregants to help with cleaning or social events. If you question the pastor's authority, you're labeled a troublemaker or a rebel.[79]

Sounds like he doesn’t want other charlatans taking potential recruits, because they are seen as competitors in the business, fleecing some naïve sucker out of his earnings, and there is only so many to go around.


The Denlingers are in favor of segregation laws and kindred marriages, and Bryan equated those in interracial marriage to that of “pervert sodomites” (Which he would later deny[80]) and describes proponents as liberals, communists and Satanists. He teaches that people need to be kept within their racial habitations.[81] When questioned as to why he doesn’t do the same, he claimed he wouldn't be as free in Germany.[4] Foreigners who come to the US for the same reasons as he does must leave while he gets to stay? He bills himself as a proponent of separation of church and state and claims that it must be maintained. However, in the case of miscegenation, it's pretty much a 180. He praises Israel for having such laws in its books. Outside a few boneheads who don't want Jews engaging in inter-religious marriage (they have no problems with interracial marriage if one chooses to convert), there's no law preventing interracial/religious marriage.

Bryan considers this racial unity to be among the gravest sins, which has brought on the End Times, and God's wrath.[82] In a sermon, he posits that God hated Esau for his marriage to two Hittite women, whom he claims are descendants of Ham, thus forfeiting his birthright.[28] Perhaps, he should have picked up a book on the Hittite civilization, which ranged from what is today Northern Lebanon, through to Syria and Turkey. The Hittites were a people living just south of the Caucasian mountains from which the word "Caucasian" is derived, and if he actually read the Bible, he would've known that Esau sold his birthright to Jacob for some food.

He claims that God wanted Israel to slaughter Africans and Arabs because they are a vile degenerate people,[37] and has gone after other pastors employing his usual name-calling preaching style for marrying outside their race.

As usual, Catholics end up being the arch antagonists as they do not follow what, according to Bryan, is taught in his Bible - actually his insanely contorted reading of such which he uses to mask his racism. He accuses the Vatican of forcing all people to integrate and get along.[82] The Catholic Church promotes racial unity where there is no distinction between races as God has foreordained and is to be preserved in the Millennial Kingdom.[14] Here, his screed picks up from Phelps who drawn on historic attacks against Catholicism. In 1907 William Montgomery Brown, the Episcopalian Bishop of Arkansas known for his support of church segregation laws to stop miscegenation, launched an attack on Catholics by claiming they ("negro and white traditionalists") objected to the plan because it was against Catholicism: Catholicity of the Church, the Fatherhood of God and the Brotherhood of Man.[83] The secular media is no better. Films are produced which attempt to normalize interracial relationships which is unbiblical. As those of mixed heritage, Bryan provides options, don't marry, stop breeding and making more mutts, find someone of the same racial mixture or marry among your kinfolk.[82] As for already interracial married couples on whether they should divorce, he says that it's between them and God, but they're living in sin.[84] Wacko Protestantism as its very best.

Jesuitical diversity; they rewrite the English language. These Satanists that are from the Vatican and they will call diversity everyone coming together and putting aside your differences so that we can all be blended into one. That is not diversity. Diversity is saying I am different from you and I am going to stay separate from you: segregation.[85]

In a sermon, he mimicked an East Indian accent in an effort to mock an Indian minister.[11] An undercurrent of racism is a constant theme in many of Denlinger's sermons.

Besides, Jesus, himself had many gentiles in his genealogy. Bryan forgets that his God's linage was speckled with gentile women - Tamar (a Canaanite), Rahab (also a Canaanite) and Ruth (a Moabite). His God does not meet his standards and if segregation was enforced, there would not be no Jesus nor a precious KJV. There's also the account of Moses who married Sephora, an Ethiopian. When Moses' brother and sister (Aaron and Miriam) spoke against Moses because of his interracial marriage, God cast upon leprosy upon Miriam (Numbers 12:1-10). He contends that God couldn't punish Moses for his sin because Aaron and Miriam would try and take away Moses' authority, while claiming that Moses' wife nagged him which caused Moses to strike the rock twice which made God angry - yes, this is nowhere in the Old Testament, but this is the narrative which is brewed on the spot to fit his own racist agenda.

Bryan was flagged for racist content on Sermon Audio, a for-pay member-driven sermon sharing website.[86] His claims that interracial couples having children lead to birthing complication are from a misrepresented Stanford University study, which was based on C-section rates among Asians and Caucasian couples. According to it, rates were found to be 26% for Asian couples, 33.2% for Asian-mother/white-father couples, 23% for white-mother/Asian-father couples and 28.7% for white couples.[87] The study conclusion was due to Asian women's smaller stature and correspondingly to the pelvic opening lead to some birthing complications in some instances due to the baby's weight. If averaged out, the value of 28.1% for interracial couples is .6% less than white only couples. He unintentionally proves time and time again that he's a racist simpleton who's either unable to perform simple calculations and reading or knowingly lies.

Hamites by another name[edit]

Bryan ascribes to the belief that black people are descended from Ham, whose son Canaan was cursed by Noah, for no fault of his own.[14] The Curse of Ham was first disseminated by the Lutheran pastor Johann Ludwig Hahnemann in the 17th century.[83][88] He claims that each race should look to the KJV and follow what's indicated as their correct status. According to him, Jesus called blacks dogs, referencing Matthew 15:22-28. Due to the woman submitting to her Biblical position, Jesus gave into her wish. The correct stations in life according to him is the following:[14]

  • Shem (Jews): Blessed be the Lord God of Shem
  • Cannan (Blacks): Be a servant of servants to thy brethren
  • Japheth (Whites): God shall enlarge Japheth

Thus the Hamites should embrace their divinely destined role to be slaves to Japheth and be proud of it. Like Phelps, he implies slavery is the preordained state of blacks, and a saved one will accept it. Also, he mentions that no Hamite will be permitted in the house of the Lord in the Millennial Kingdom, even if they’re saved.[14]

Moreover, he believes that Latin is an African (Hamitic) language, and Catholicism originated in Egypt.[82] The inscription above the crucified Jesus was written in Hebrew (Seth), Greek (Japheth) and Latin (Ham).[89] (Didn’t the Catholic Church, according to him, originate in Babylon?) Would it also not then follow, that this "African language" brought civilization to Europe? Given that the KJV is written in the Latin alphabet, would it not be a black Bible?


The reality is that Jews and Catholics both postulate that these persons are Hittites (known as Canaanites in the Old Testament). The Canaanites were a Caucasian tribe which lived in and around the area of Syria and northern Palestine. Jews avoided them because they were idolaters and dealing with them would violate ritual purity takkanot, causing them to have to perform a ritual ablution before taking any further part in Jewish religious life. This understanding is further supported by the same account in Mark 7:25-29 where the same woman is called a gentile of Syro-Phoenician nationality which geographically coincides with being a Hittite.

Nutbar feudings[edit]

Bryan tends to "rebuke" and "chastise" his critics and believes God requires him to rebuke those whom he considers heretics. Part of this effort, he and Katherine have on-going feuds with fellow nutbars such as Steven "Andersnake" Anderson, Kent Hovind and Sam Gipp. He claims that Anderson is a Jesuit temporal coadjutor[90] - a silly made up title which is awarded to certain opponents.


The Denlingers have had a long-running feud with Anderson. They hold to the KJV (Though their takes are different), and share similar views on philosophy, Catholics and creationism, only differing substantially on supersessionism and the Rapture. Since they are so closely aligned, they compete for the same bloc of empty-headed followers. When Sam Gipp, another crank, buried a hatchet with Anderson's padawan, Collin Schneide, Bryan believed Gipp was attacking him, and mistook Gipp's accusation of Anderson associating with a former pornographer, as an attack on him.[91] A sitcom script worthy of Three's Company, indeed.

According to Katherine, Anderson is a Catholic involved in military psyops, and that her experience helped her recognize his use of "military" buzzwords such a "spearhead", "operation", "touring" and "mission", yet misidentifies a Botswanan immigration officer as a major general in the South African military, as well as a Lutheran pastor, Mampane, as a Catholic priest as he wears clerical collar, calling him "Gigabo". She also condemned Anderson for using "inflammatory PC talk" by calling LGBT people "homosexuals" to get them roused up, insisting that "sodomite" should be used.[75] The fact that this was stated should one baffled. In the same sermon, she accused him of using the Hegelian Dialectic to act as the "good cop" and using CAPOC terminology.

These guys [Anderson and his allies] will come out and say inflammatory stuff and yet they will never go to prison, they will never get kicked off YouTube,[note 10] they will never get kicked off, you know things like this. They Oh been banned from certain countries. Please! Please! And and again the military works hand in hand with the Vatican. Whatever, you know, like me, if you are not convinced by now there is nothing we can really do for you.[92]

Robert Faker Breaker[edit]

Bryan has criticized Breaker and others who monetize their videos on YouTube, and by doing so, they’re being supported by sinners.[93] This is despite Bryan requesting donations through PayPal (which he terms a sodomite company) without verifying if the donors are saved.

He has, in the past, questioned how Breaker could have more subscribers than him and Anderson when they’re both preaching the same message, when all he does is stand by a whiteboard and draw.[94] While Breaker is just as given to the same wingnuttery as him, he delivers his message with far greater eloquence, has an education, and is officially “ordained”. He doesn't come across as a hick from the backwoods who picked up a Bible and began sermonizing about his pay grade. Above all, Breaker studied under Ruckman. Bryan only managed to get his Bible signed by him.

Not fun in my book[edit]

The Denlingers see the world similarly to the regicidal killjoys of the 17th century who established a theocracy backed by their militias. Most entertainment was outlawed and people would be punished for small offenses. It figures that one of Bryan's heroes would be the Lord Protector himself, Oliver Cromwell.

According to them, participating in sports or even spectating is wrong.[95] Sporting figures and great athletes are an abomination in the sight of God because they're highly esteemed among men, and have become great by putting other people down. Sports makes people prideful and encourages the spirit of competition which is not from God. Even board games encourage pride and competition and should be avoided as well. However, throwing a ball around in the backyard or a little game with kids is fine as long as it doesn’t lead to pride or competition. They claim that sports can cause gender confusion because of immodest dress,[96] and that parents put a great deal of pressure on children to participate in athletics, which is detrimental. He recommends that it is better that boys be taught to work and that girls be trained in housekeeping instead.[95] The most telling part of the sermon was Katherine spending slightly over 75% of a sermon showing off albums filled with pictures of her athletic past, assuming its wickedness.[96] The photographs were taken by her doting parents who were obviously proud of her athletic prowess.

Bryan absolutely opposes ballet for children, and men who perform in it are effeminate and sodomites, blaming both Charles I and II for it.[73] Most who claim to be artists would think that the ballet was of Italian and French origin from the High Renaissance era, about 200 years before the Commonwealth.

Katherine, wanting to stick it to Sudoku, feeling a sense of frustration, Googled the term Jesuit Sudoku. The result was a rant on the evils of Sudoku, determining that it was Ancient Chinese magic brought to Europe by the Jesuits, who introduced Leonhard Euler, the Swiss mathematician and physicist to it. She and Bryan advise followers to burn any satanic material that they own.[74]

COVID? What COVID?[edit]

Hey people you wanna line up and get the vaccine?! You wanna get your flu shot?! You wanna get whatever you want?! Fine! Go die in your sins and go to Hell and burn! Period!
— Bryan's stance towards vaccinations in "The Serious SIN of Vaccination"[97]

The Denlingers have promoted multiple conspiracy theories surrounding COVID-19, ranging from claiming it was patented by the Pirbright Institute,[98] to downplaying its severity, to flat out denying its existence all while Bryan tries proving its nonexistence with Koch's postulates.[99] He cites an article about the postulates from the NIH, but when you read a paragraph below the postulates, it mentions that Koch noticed asymptomatic carriers of cholera invalidating one of his postulates.[100] This could mean Bryan doesn't do enough research on topics he seems confident about or he's lying in order to get his way and gain converts. With this, he became outspoken on his defiance of preventative measures such as mask wearing and social distancing, and promoted his followers to do the same, and avoid preachers who follow such measures.[101]

Anti-vaccination standings[edit]

Given the Denlingers' positions on COVID, even veering into germ theory denial, it should be obvious on what their stance towards vaccines are. They are adamantly opposed not only to COVID-19 vaccines, but all vaccines in general.

It has come out that they put in nano technology, artificial intelligence into these vaccines, it's why people are having magnets stick to the spot where they got vaccinated. And literally, there was a guy that tested the electric field of it, it's the same thing as a computer! In other words, it's transmitting. What I believe it's going to be is, it's an antenna that they can set off somethings when the time is right. So these people are going to start dying that have been vaccinated[102]

His willful ignorance is painful to behold for anyone who can comprehend basic reasoning. The COVID Vaccine doesn't cause a person to become magnetized because it doesn't contain any magnetic or magnetizing ingredients. Added is the fact that the human body doesn't attract magnetic objects. Even if the vaccine was loaded with magnets, there is not enough concentration to cause a magnetic reaction.[citation needed]

You are trying to inject a disease into a healthy body..they put the COVID virus in you supposedly, but then they put a bunch of chemicals in to make your body violently react to the disease that they put in and so in theory it should kind of build your immunity. We'll build your immunity by destroying your immunity![103]

The mRNA vaccines, such as Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna do not contain the actual virus and work differently than other vaccines. Vaccines save millions each year and have eradicated diseases such as smallpox. However, these facts don’t fit into the Denlingers' world that was built over the years, so it’s ignored.


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