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Chimpanzees, colloquially known as chimps are primates native to Africa.

Chimpanzees have 48 chromosomes; humans have 46 chromosomes. Scientists have found evidence of two ancestral chromosomes of the great apes which seem to have fused - making Chromosome 2 in humans. The analogous chromosomes (2p and 2q) in the non-human great apes can be shown, when laid end to end, to create an identical banding structure to the human chromosome 2, which explains why humans have one less pair than the rest of the great apes. Plenty of evidence backs up this hypothesis, even evidence from the telomere (the ending sequence of the chromosome), and the centromere.

Many claim that chimps are humans' closest relatives in an attempt to defend misogyny,[1] while ironically, bonobos, our other closest relatives, are female supremacists.[2]

A chimpanzee in Austria is the first to have the opportunity to receive the same rights as a human being.[3] Rumor has it that a negative issue from the court concerned will result in a thousand-chimp march down Vienna's streets.[citation NOT needed]

Chimpanzees in Fongoli, Africa, have used spears to hunt and kill prey.[4] Chimpanzees might also have, er, a "proto-religion", observers having seen some worshipping a tree, and also dancing in strange rituals around, above all things, fire, possibly indicating they have an actual understanding of fire, tho' that may be going a bit too far.[5]

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