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Clive Potter

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The predominant colour of the greys is highly indicative of the ‘greyness’ of humanity, as racial types begin to blend with one another so that racial types gradually disappear and submerge themselves into one common mass of deracinated and rootless cosmopolitan humanity. The aliens’ obsessive interest in genetics and hybrid babies also suggests that another agenda is at issue here, involving the racial engineering of mankind, again reflecting the direction that humanity is moving towards as globalism and multiracialism drives the motor. Are the greys showing us how we will progress and look like in the future?
—Clive Potter[1]

Clive Potter is a British nationalist and ufologist. He has been involved with a number of groups related to both subjects.


Potter was at one point a key member of an obscure party called the National Democrats[2] and stood as the party's candidate for Leicester West in the 1997 general election.[3] He later moved to the BNP, and represented the party in the 2001 and 2005 general elections[4][5] and the 2003 local elections.[6] In 2007 he was expelled from the BNP after a dispute with its leadership.[7][8][9]

He also used to be president of Solidarity, a trade union accused by some of being a front for the BNP;[10][11][12] he claims to have founded the union at the behest of Lee Barnes.[9] Potter subsequently got into a dispute with Solidarity's General Secretary, Patrick Harrington, over the union's finances;[13][14] as a result of this the Solidarity union split in two, with Harrington and Potter each leading a faction that claimed to be the real Solidarity.[15][16][17] Reportedly, Potter has also been involved with the Christian Council of Britain.[18]

After this, he became chairman of the English Community Group (Leicester).[19] In early 2012 he complained that City Mayor of Leicester Sir Peter Soulsby had refused to meet with the ECG(L) and, amidst grumbling about "the liberal establishment and the multi-cult extremists who wish to deny us our identity, culture and heritage", announced that the group had sent Soulsby an Equality Discrimination Questionnaire ordering him to explain himself.[20] Potter's other complaints included the fact that Old English isn't taught in schools and that British census forms contain the category "white British", which "disenfranchises the English from its [sic] legal identity".[21] The ECG(L) later expelled him.[22]

He has criticised the current BNP, along with the English Defence League, for being too multicultural.[23][24]

The left-wing magazine Notes from the Borderland alleges that Clive Potter is the real identity of the blogger "Nemesis", who contributes to blogs such as NorthWestNationalists and Griffin Watch[25][26] and is prone to ranting about "THE 'HOODED MAN' (OF WODEN'S FOLK' PROPHECY)".[27]


Image posted by Clive Potter on to the Alien Incarnation site reconstructing Robert France's alleged transformation into a small grey alien.

Potter was once involved closely with Robert France, a man who has, allegedly, sometimes turned into an alien.[28] Potter, France and France's girlfriend Shelagh Yeoman teamed up to form an organisation called Pendragon, which collaborated with the rock band C.E.IV to release an audio tape called The Shadow of Man in 1992; Pendragon broke up shortly after this project.[29][30]

Potter has written a number of articles for the website AlienIncarnation.com. In one, he argues that UFO sightings and alien encounters are the work of artificial intelligences: "this sort of control system can manifest as aliens, angels and demons, faeries, monsters, the Virgin Mary and, in many cases, as seemingly human spirit guides." Potter believes that these AIs were created by beings remembered in mythology as gods, and that they operate by manipulating mankind's collective unconscious. "The AIs would have helped in constructing that consciousness with the purpose of guiding man’s evolution in a direction that the original creators of humanity desired", he writes. He goes on to argue that the AIs have been monitoring humanity since homo sapiens first evolved.[1]

Other activities[edit]

Potter appears to have been involved with a group called Silent Majority, notable largely for opposing a Leicester gay pride/Mardi Gras event in 2000.[31] Exactly how Potter can consider his rather curious views to be representative of the majority is unclear.

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