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The Scottish Family Party (SFP) is a right-wing, potentially fascist, political party in Scotland that, despite their limited electoral success, has attracted some notoriety for its inflammatory leafletting and social media campaigns. Started by ex-Ukipper Richard Lucas in 2017, the party positions itself as the family-orientated voice of the" silent majority",[note 1] standing up against what they characterise as the overly zealous agenda of the Scottish National Party. In reality they are simply a bunch of religious right-wing cranks who want to take away a woman's right to an abortion, trans-people's right to healthcare and, seemingly, any and all sex education in Scottish schools.[1]

Fascism, misogyny & homophobia[edit]

Although the SFP likes to present itself as a wholesome family friendly party, it has already established quite prominent links with the British far-right which is unsurprising considering that its rhetoric around LGBT issues and feminism is identical to fascist propaganda, relying on exaggeration, lies and conspiratorial thinking to push the narrative that society is on the brink of some kind of cataclysm of cultural degeneracy that can only be solved by returning to Judeo-Christian values.


Niall Fraser, a prominent member of the SFP, appeared on the podcast Hometalk in 2023 a white nationalist podcast run by the Homeland party.[2] The SFP's leader also earlier in the same year received an interview from Patriotic Alternative, a neo-nazi organisation whose members have been caught plotting racist terror attacks.[3][4] The decision to be interviewed by them was one that Lucas doubled down, demonstrating that he does indeed know who Patriotic Alternative are and clearly considers white supremacist extremists as the kind of people who will be receptive to his views.


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The Scottish Family Party promotes a traditionalist approach to gender politics, viewing men and women as fundamentally different but playing complimentary roles in society. The manifesto published on their website explicitly states that such differences are why the gender pay gap exists. Presumably, the well-documented prevalence of gender discrimination in the work-place and the pressure on women to do a second shiftWikipedia of house work and child-care that limits their career prospects are not to be considered.[5]

Outside of campaigning for a return to a world where being a woman involves not much more than Kinder, Küche, Kirche: making babies and ironing, they are also very keen to oppose abortion by comparing it to the Holocaust and organising demonstrations outside of sexual health clinics to harass women trying to get an abortion.[6][7]


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Surprise surprise, they have a hard-on of hate for the Scottish Gender Recognition Act. Men and women it seems must stay in their lane at all costs, even if it kills gender non-conforming people. Furthermore their manifesto is full of the usual debunked nonsense about children needing both a dad and mum (they don't, they just need a supportive environment to grow in) and claims that the LGBT community is grooming children by turning them into confused gender-queers.

War on sex-ed[edit]

The SFP spends most of its time accusing the Scottish government and education system of sexualising children, exposing them to pornography and promoting BDSM among teenagers, often implying if not outright claiming that LGBT-friendly policies in schools are to blame.[8] This is of course laughable, as showing inappropriate films or encouraging children to engage in specific sex acts will absolutely see you struck from the record by the General Teaching Council for Scotland that oversees standards in the profession, queer or not.[9][10][11]

Generally the SFP's campaigning on this issue involves the mailing of often hilariously graphic and sexually suggestive flyers.[12] They also, in a rather less amusing fashion, create mock political ads for Scottish National Party politicians in which they are seen to "endorse" the sexualisation and promotion of adult material to children.[13]

Electoral failure[edit]

Scotland is a relatively progressive country, even by western standards and so the Scottish Family Party, despite their attention-seeking behaviour, hasn't won a single seat in any of the elections they have run in so far.[14][15] Good riddance.

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  1. And in the Scottish Family Party's case that silent majority is so silent they barely bother voting.