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Conservapedia (and religious fundamentalism to an extent) was a major focal point in the early history of RationalWiki, but long ago ceased coming up with new ways to appall and amuse.
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Conservapedia maintains a regularly updated "news ticker" on its main page that showcases media reports that it deems of interest to conservatives. The news section can only be edited by administrators, and some of those who update it (notably CP father figure Andrew Schlafly) occasionally include a few editorial comments to spin the news item in a favorable (rightward) direction. Regrettably, Conservapedia's editorial comments on some tragic news items, such as high-profile school shootings, are sometimes insensitive to the point of callousness and appear to be motivated by the desire to score cheap political points rather than generate sympathy. Many times, but not always, the motivation is to demonstrate how morally bankrupt (in CP's opinion) public schools, society and liberalism in general have become. You know, as opposed to the shining examples associated with homeschooling.

While we at RationalWiki tend to go out of our way to underscore the, erm, eccentricities of Conservapedians, it's worth remembering that in every story mentioned on this page, actual people became the victims of senseless violence. The intent here is to first, show just how callous CP's news ticker has been; and second, to raise awareness lest RW fall into a similar trap of capitalizing off tragic circumstances in which innocent people are affected.

Add new examples, but please use some discretion with the use of snark on this page.

Caveat: it now appears that the majority of the diff links cataloged on this page were oversighted by someone at CP. They are preserved here for posterity.



  • Mar 26img Following the death of Geraldine Ferraro, the first woman to run for Vice-President, all Schlafly has to say is that she was a "feminist" and "an advocate of ratification of the so-called Equal Rights Amendment, which would have probably made same-sex marriage and taxpayer-funded abortion constitutional rights. [1]img Nothing like inserting a little personal opinion into an encyclopaedia article.


  • Dec 7img For Schlafly, the only thing worth mentioning following Elizabeth Edwards' death from cancer, is that she was a pro-choice advocate.
  • Nov 28img For some reason, the fact that Christopher Hitchens is suffering from cancer is relevant to the fact he was debating Bush's Bitch Blair about religion.
  • May 3img: A lacrosse player from the University of Virginia murders his ex-girlfriend, Andy uses it to promote prayer at school. Further attacks the university as atheistic because the president didn't use the words: God, prayer, church, or bible and blame liberal culture.img
  • April 6img: A gay wrestler tragically commits suicide. Instead of a solemn, respectful comment on the loss, Andy uses the opportunity to push his agenda.
  • April 3img: Arguably one of the most important figures of the last century, Henry Roberts, dies. Cheap shot at atheism and support of education.
  • February 19: Democratic senator has stomach cancer, but Andy's found a cure silver lining: a Republican can take his place.


  • January 22: Australian actor Heath Ledger dies. Cause of death? Hollywood values (see the section: Endless Whining About Hollywood Values).
  • February 14: Shootings at Northern Illinois University. "Here we go again" indeed.


  • April 17 and following days: the Virginia Tech shooting tragedy. Conservapedia sets up a discussion page dedicated initially to the gun control issue. In one of the more emotionally charged discussions on CP, the conversation quickly spirals toward more bizarre territory, with Aschlafly first speculating that the shooter acted because of an addiction to pornography, then because of anti-Christian sentiment (no evidence provided in any case).
  • June 30: Aschlafly reports an attempted suicide bombing by including a crass joke as a photo caption.
  • July 24: "13-year-old girl stabbed at school: [32]. Another reason to Homeschool."
  • August 7: Four students are shot; Aschlafly implicitly blames a court decision about school prayer.
  • September 24: "Déjà vu all over again? Two students were shot at Delaware State University early this morning...Without morals being taught in our public schools is it really a surprise when these tragedies occur? "
  • October 4: Shooting at the University of Memphis. CP's take: "Secular-progressive movement claims another victim."
  • December 6:"A product of the public schools, the teenaged killer of 8 in the Omaha mall had "normal" public school activities and beliefs: drugs, alcohol, and no reason (such as faith) to think his life was special."
  • December 10: Church shooting in Colorado, but the editorial focus is how great guns are.