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No other explanation is as plausible ... at least not to an open mind.
Andrew Schlafly's concept of open mindedness[1]

This article concerns the Conservapedia catchphrase "open mind." For general usage of the term, please see open mind.

An open mind is a mind that is receptive to new ideas and information. Being "open minded" is an important trait to retain if one is ever to become a successful editor at Conservapedia.

Whilst surfin' Conservapedia, it has been noticed that site founder Andrew Schlafly is frequent in his criticisms of the evil forces that be as "closed-minded." He has written an essay on the subject of open mindedness, and performing a search for "open mind" Schlafly on Conservapedia and restricting the results to talk pages finds 122 pages of spiffing examples[2] of liberal closed-mindedness and Mr. Schlafly's and his loyal sysops family-friendly suggestions for them to "open their mind."

Examples of openmindedness[edit]

An open mind is like a fortress with its gates unbarred and unguarded.

According to Mr. Schlafly,[3] the open-minded person must, i.a. (Mr Schlafly's penchant for negatives may make some of these initially hard to grasp.):

  • Not resist the possibility that Hollywood values harm innocent bystanders.
  • Not think it impossible for the Shroud of Turin to be authentic.
  • Not think it impossible that the speed of light varied in the past.
  • Not think it impossible that instead of being proportional to , gravitational force is actually proportional to .[4]
  • Not resist admitting that their schoolteachers knowingly lied to them.
  • Not think it impossible to measure openmindedness.

Furthermore, if the person spent less than an hour deliberating on each of these points, the person is not open-minded.

Examples of Mr. Schlafly requesting open-mindedness[edit]

  • Be open minded and admit that abortion causes breast-cancer![5]
  • Be open minded and admit that the arguments for an old earth are a bunch of bunk![6]
  • Be open minded and admit that gun control has led to socialism and genocide![7]
  • Be open minded and admit that homeschooling doesn't have to take place at home![8]
  • Be open minded and admit that some nations, some languages, some religions are superior to others![9]
  • Be open minded and admit that Markimg (and possibly Johnimg) wrote the Gospels when they were still children, and, also, were homeschooled by Jesus!

How to be open minded[edit]

If you have a problem with anything on Conservapedia, conservatism, or the general right wing, American-exceptionalist, Christian viewpoint as a whole, you are most likely a closed-minded liberal deceit-meister.

So, to keep an "open mind" when reading Conservapedia you must ignore any ounce of pesky rationality you feel in your body and simply blindly accept their take on anything and everything realise that Conservapedia is the way forward.

External links[edit]

A great YouTube video on what it means to be "open-minded"

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