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Conservapedia:What is going on at CP?/August 2008

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9Andy says Obama was "perhaps never" called Barry. See Andy, this is why, we don't trust you.
8Ed Poor, stats guru
2Poor Croc Dean...he really doesn't follow the news, does he? Philip also missed the memo, it appears...
7A new Mystery!TM "How far can I bend the truth?"
13Oh, DirkB... He asks for clarification about Ed's edit - and Ed withdraws the welcome and places the user on "probation". Dirk returns fire and withdraws his thanks - only to be month-hammered and fully reverted. Here too. Update Loyal toadie Bodhan Henry comes along and makes it permanent, with a little fib of his own. Full circle: Philip fixes the very thing that Dirk initially criticized.
16Ed demands another writing plan... from a user he banned forever, just last week. When his little Wikignome points this out to him... Ed stomps on the poor critter... then dances on its grave. Update: User Rearguard pops up in record time and, combined with an apparent mail discussion, leads to a surprisingly fast unban. Fun: Does DirkB realize that he stuck his neck out to defend a user... with Block rights?
15Aschlafly v. Public Schools, Round 4,972: When confronted by a few users attempting to clarify that public schools do have Zero Tolerance for "deceit", Schlafably attempts to defend his position otherwise by using all sorts of silly denial and spin.
22Confronted about blatant removal of material from another talk page, Karajou brings the word "denial" to new heights. UPDATE PJR steps in to face off with a third CP goon Sysop.
3Not News:Ed deletes a User Page. News:The user was banned almost a month ago. FARK:He then issues a warning on the talk page.
6Yo, Ed! The phrase is "STOP or I'll shoot, not "STOP then I'll shoot!
6Why are you on CP? Well, hopefully because you want to WORK WORK WORK! After all, asking about details of your recovery from a permaban (as well as setting the record straight) will only lead to another permaban!
13Aschlafly insists on labeling public schools "atheistic" rather than "secular" a continuing vendetta against the godless...And when User:Human tries again, ditto. Could this be the beginning of an epic edit war?? Update: Andy gives Human a stern warning, which Human meekly accepts. But that's not enough for HenryS! Update: "Hurr hurr hurr..." Even Updater Lyin' Ed decides a warning by the owner of the site and a block by a frustrated Dane aren't enough, and warns him again. See also talk page discussion
8Jacksmith: You can't equivocate [sic] abortion to infanticide. Bugler: we don't tolerate supporters of infanticide here mister. Andy: We don't censor here. DeanS: That essay is inappropriate
-5LearnTogether brings us another conservative insight - American Indians have a historic problem laying off the firewater.
16Uncle Ed says "Just Say No" to kissing.
13Question: how is the make of one's car relevant to Professor Values? Oh, that explains it.
15Ed teaches us how to write an article. Actually that is so good I'll make an article on it.
6As people desperately try to work on the News Project's ever-growing list of Wanted Pages, Croco realizes that "this is fun"
20Smilin' Unka Ed defines a new policy: "please don't confuse Ed".
3A naive new user aims to correct gasp ERRORS in the atheism article! (Say it ain't so!) Yeah. Good luck with that.
20Obama's SOUL is at the controls and is going warp speed. You don't even want to know what the corporeal part of him is doing. And Chicago has, like, OMG, 50 mosques!
8Even a sentence supported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) can get removed by Andy.<nowiki>
6How does someone get to be a surprise pick and a front runner at the same time? Only in Andyland.
22Jinxmchue Hi Jinx! eats too much liquorice and decides he can name any old rubbish after himself. UPDATE: Oh God, there's more...
2It took over a year and two months for SharonS's talk page to become unlocked. To follow the lulz memory trail, this link shows Andy stating "one's talk page is his castle" while he removes edits.
26RationalWiki: Possessed by vile spirits and sowing seeds of wickedness all over town
18CP's idea of a quality education team: A guy who barely remembers yesterday, a user currently blocked for a month, and a teenager.
3Who says conservatives don't have a sense of humour?
46Understanding that most library users are liberal, Jinx hi Jinx! wisely blocks the ip address of user logging on at a library. "Actions have consequences."
-8Jinx hi Jinx! tries to be witty while giving a block, fails.
6A bold embrace of new technology to empower regular people with knowledge straight from the source? Nope, just a silly stunt.
37Uh oh, confronting abuse! Quick, support the abuse with more, by initializing threats and intimidation! Jirby unfortunately doesn't understand how things work, and that "MYOB or you will be blocked" is actually "advice". Update: DLerner pipes up and mud gets thrown as PJR and DeanS squabble over Jirby's block. More: It's block war!
PJR: Rebuttal? There was none.
DeanS: If you have nothing new to say, throw them off with something WAY too long.
Bugler has some respectful suggestions for PJR.
LearnTogether has another, even more respectful response to The Parodist Bungler
-4Tired of thinking of a reason to block someone? CP has got you covered with their own random block reason generator!
16Andy "Cleans" Conservapedia: Scrub Deceit, Rinse Deceit, and Repeat with "Mental Illness and Liberal Teachings"
0 Mental illness caused by Liberal teachings strikes again
13Desperate to control and silence the possibly feminist message of Eowyn, Lady of Rohan, in Lord of the Rings, Ed removes tell of her deeds, then misunderstands it and takes it as an excuse to block/whitewash. Appreciating literature: ur doin it wrong. Ed read LOTR 8 times. And brags about it. It explains so much.
15The truth? It is silly. (UPDATE: the entire page history was nuked by Andy. This must have been very silly indeed.)
7At this point, it's impossible to tell whether Croco is just an idiot or an asshole: Even liberals can sign up for the News Wikiproject now... but of course, they will still be ignored and banned from the project if they dare to suggest news that don't bash liberals or praise conservatives.
5Obama's team made fraudulent signs to misrepresent something for their own gain. Good thing Republicans don't do that .
11You know you're going overboard when even Weird Ed Moon tells you to cool it.
20Ed. Stop. I will die.
5Oh, Andy! Your balls are so tasty! No Bugler, yours taste of honey!
39First they went after the liberals. Then came the atheists. Then the evolutionists. Then... people who were good at math. And now, apparently having run out of targets, Ed bans a guy for trying to add noncontroversial info about ants.
11Beavis meets Butt-head

Missing poll id Hey Croc, don't expect a timely answer.

5Tweaking...tweaking, there! Perfeckt!
40Despite the photographic evidence and first person accounts, Andy refuses to fall for Barack Obama's "birth certificate." He's right. With the official number blocked out, that could be any Barack Hussein Obama II born in Honolulu at 7:24pm August 4, 1961 to Ann Dunham (Caucasian) and Barack Hussein Obama (African). UPDATE But now there's a picture with the number. Wriggle, Andy, wriggle. UPDATE WITH EXTRA NUTS Apparently Jpatt (with Andy's approval) thinks this nutbar is more credible because he filed a bullshit lawsuit. Is there an Obama Derangement Syndrome yet? Andy could be the poster child. EXTRA CASHEWS AND PECANS: Wingnuttery hits a new high! And continues to climb! Update: Ignoring the nutjob constitutes liberal bias of course, they should be like us and only ignore things that don't help propagate our agenda, such as plane crashes.
7When all those sissy MSM are still waiting for an announcement, Conservapedia can guarantee you that the Democratic VP candidate will be Evan Bayh. Bayh was picked because of his support of abortion and that's it. We know this is true, our source is the always reliable Drudge Report. Ok, maybe he won't be the candidate, but it's only because the Democrats can't win his home state Update: And it was most likely the fault of the Obama campaign, anyway.
15TerryH wades into the Mire of Unconvincing Arguments. Summary: aliens couldn't possibly exist because they'd need an extra Jesus, and UFOs are false prophets/signs of the End TimesTM. An intrepid soul happens to mention that there is water on Mars. Response: of course, you fool! Everything is made of water! (Plus waffle)
21Solid proof that DinsdaleP was winning an argument. How cleverly deceitful of DinsdaleP to be a sock of ScottLang by registering Dinsdale MONTHS before!!!11! Update I'll be damned! He's back! Update Again Gone again (for a week)
12Honest Andy "trims a quote" to make it look worse. Well done, Jesus would be proud. Update: MVito starts an edit war, gets a warning and, after goatse-ing Andy's talk page (note, the link only shows the "missing" diff), will likely be reported to the FBI.
16Shorter Conservative: You're totally pwning me, so I'll fail basic reading comprehension and ask you to prove something you never said or meant, hoping you don't notice I ignored the rest. That'll make me look smart, right?
9The leader is being obliterated in open debate by a Negro no less...... Let's ban him quick before any more damage is done.
12Wikiproject: Religion...wherein Conservapedia discusses such weighty matters as faith, the nature of God, and card games about elves and faeries.
12Ding! Ding! Ding! Seconds out! PJR squares up to Andy again. Update PJR strikes another blow. And another.
8C'mon Deborah, as if anyone on CP will look up this term.
6Corry obviously hasn't been around too long. This is something we frequently wonder.
7Oh Alas, why do I even bother debating with you if you don't even believe in classroom prayer?
19Andy points out that a high student-to-teacher ratio is better than a low one, in part, because of the increased opportunity for students to socialize. Teachers who believe otherwise are self-serving.
7Andy's response to being proven wrong - Liberals always take things too literally
11In perhaps the biggest WTF moment of his career as CP's biggest idiot, Ed Poor advocates banning people who make ideologically conservative edits. Ed, you can start with yourself, and then have a chat with the guys who wrote this.
18Bugler on atheists: "there will be no witch-hunt - what I am proposing is a selective cull".
8That's right, from now on contributing to a mathematics article with something Ed doesn't understand makes you a parodist. UPDATE:This is what Ed thinks is a complete article on a maths topic.
0You just can't get any more concise than that.
12Resident dickhead and certified bucket loader Ed Poor is on an asshole spree tonight. Blocking PhineasBogg for inserting true information 8 months ago, Jaguar for asking sensible questions on a talk page and a bogus 90/10, and Foxtrot for knowing more about math than him (which should earn a ban for everyone on CP). "Math teacher", sure Ed. A real math teacher would have the most basic understanding of ratios. Like, say, a 90/10 ratio?
18RW Conspiracy theory of the day: Did Andy buy up stock in Irony Meter repair companies before posting this?
0While it's nice that Conservapedia posted an RIP for a Democratic Congresswoman in their news section, do they realize it is not in line with their guidelines? Or do dead liberals count as positive news items for conservatives?
-1So, which one of us is Ed Poor?Lalalala I can't hear you! Mr. NathanG, I declare it is Ed Poor!
6Crocoite: "Have you reviewed my News Guidelines? Post here if you have comments or suggestions! ... Except for you, you evil liberal who dares to suggest that our headlines should reflect what the cited articles actually say!"
13Another example of Conservapedia debate: Point: this doesn't fit your model, Stephen Fry did not attend state schools Counterpoint: If it's in England, it's liberal.
10Andy's newest example of Liberal Bias: Refusing to join me in tangential Obama-bashing. Refusing to admit the truth in debate. Update: This will not end well.
19PJR finally pwns Andy. Update: Andy doesn't want to play anymore.
6Ed Poor is always on top of his game. Ed puts a user on probation for warning Lemonpeel things like below happen. Problem is, he was banned two weeks ago, for telling Ed to fuck off for doing this sort of thing.
25Bitter much, Lemonpeel?
1Dean should really make sure his definitions are up to date: he mentions peer review in studies about the drinking age, but everyone knows that "peer review is not guarantee of correctness"
18Apparently, 3/4 of Americans believe they have the right to demand divine intervention from their doctors.
25Bugler just took a big step towards becoming the next TK. Or getting banned as a parodist. Update Mr Klein (who he) extends the proposed ban. Oops! It'd kick Bungler off.
7Not just an encyclopedia. An impressive imperessive edifice of achievement.
24Regional brownouts are reported as Andy's new essay on Teaching Closed-Mindedness shorts out irony meters nationwide. (RW takedown in progress here.)
2Obama's latest platform: "Evil infanticide" (as opposed to the plethora of "non-evil infanticide")
17The battle rages on with PJR starting to lose his cool. Will Aschlafly lay down or banhammer PJR? Even big brother RSchlafly throws his weight in.
3The FBI isn't enough to stop the wandals, we need to make Ed head of the United States Department of Justice so he can bring the full force of the law down on those young punks.
1Eddie Baby reverts every contribution from a user and places him on probation. Way to spot that parody Ed, but it helps when you stop someone who has done more than edit 4 talk pages
4This will end in tears. And a banhammering no doubt. (It's been deleted, of course.)
6Ed Poor suspects sabotage... when there is none.
0Andy responds to the furore over the "Dr Phyllis Schlafly" situation (and especially this observation) by re-editing the Richard Dawkins and Barack Obama articles to deny again that either is a 'real' professor. Turns out it was liberal vandalism all along. Oh, those pesky liberals.
0"I'm all for consistency", Andy says, but you were inconsistent first, so I get to be too. And then he took his marbles and went home.
5Andy adds a touching story to the "Conservative Parables" entry... and of course has to ruin it by adding the mandatory "LIBERALS SUCK! GO TO HELL, YOU STUPID LIBERALS!" reminder at the end, alleging that they never gave him the recognition he deserved, in spite of the fact that they gave him a freakin' Nobel Prize (the most liberal of the liberal awards). But this allegation of his lack of recognition has a source: a paper by Andrew Schlafly esq.
5Saying that you're an atheist now counts as vandalism and gets you a five-year ban. (And no, he didn't have any other contribs and the deletion log also doesn't show anything.) Someone has confronted Andy about it, so we await the inevitable backpedaling with bated breath. Update:GASP! A rare sighting---an Aschlafly apology, long thought extinct. Update again: Ed Poor chimes in to suggest that the block was a result of Krazorian not using his real name. Uh, okay.
1Someone's been resetting passwords for accounts over at CP, and not for the first time either. CP has cottoned onto the attack but further discussion is unlikely to be public, except for those older users that are coming back to report the password reset. (one user came back to leave a message on the anonymous IP's talk page (now deleted), and was banned for five years for using the word "asshat") All 22000 accounts have been affected. UPDATE: Jinx, in his own paranoid world swears that evil visiters from another dangerous vandal site are responsible. might wanna screenshot some of these before they get vaped)
12Jinx proves Poe's law: if those on site can't be sure and need a banner to tell them, then how the hell are visitors supposed to know? It's just begging to be abused too, so it's probably destined for a brief (but high-lulz) life.(copied here for safety (it's bound to be vaped?)) Further Andy concurs that the words "possible" and "believed" are valid for disputing Poe's law. Surely, if the incisive legal mind of A Schlafly isn't capable of deciding if something is parody or not then it can't be ... or can it?
4Well that sorts out the problem of God. Help! Translation please!
4How pathetic is America's Olympic team? Why it's on the verge of destruction; Title IX and the evil liberals are all to blame. Of course it doesn't matter that the Americans have been on top of the medal count during the last three Olympics. Incredibly, Schlafly bases his argument on the first five days of competition from the 2008 games and anecdotal evidence of alleged Title IX interference. How dare those female athletes actually presume to be treated fairly. Guess he thinks they ought to be barefoot and pregnant.
1Globing warming is a hoax, and we have the video to prove it. It features in depth interviews with over 100 respected scientists... Would you believe 50 respected scientists?... Would you believe 2 respected scientists, two guys no one has ever heard of and Andy's mother?for extra lulz, read the article and note how much it sounds like an infomercial
8Coup d'etat!. UPDATE: The uprising is suppressed by jackbooted government death squads, and the martyred rebel leader executed for not being "not our sort of person"
3Jewelery store owner shoots some robbers repeatedly with a semiautomatic pistol and lands two of them in the hospital in critical condition! Whoohoo! That'll show those liberal gun control advocates! Naturally, a small gun debate has erupted which will probably wind up with a couple of bans and a Godspeed.
2Yes, Annie, Carolyn Jones did play the lead woman of an Adams family, but that's "Addams" with two d's! Update: Jinx Hi Jinx! notices that technically Fran Tarkenton did not write a novel called Abigail Adams, either. But I'm sure that's the last of it.
1Uh, Koward, you'd better rephrase that, and quick, before Andy sees you endorsing Vikings in North America. Gotta slavishly follow Andy's ravings stick to The Truth, y'know.
5Ah goody! Another excellent mostly humourous instrument of reading from the "mind" of Aschlafly. We await the expansion of this gem with antici......................... pation.
2That cut-and-paste work takes too much time, trouble, and thought, so Karajou passes the buck to Bert.
4Well, now, that explains a lot--When Harvard-Law-educated Andy is asked a life-and-death legal question, he opines that the answer is best found on the boob tube.
9If you use logic you will see that the Associated Press is clueless! Obviously.
5Classic Assfly debating technique: You make an excellent point that I can in no way rebut, so I'll use big words and asinine comparisons to try and stop the debate in its tracks.
32PJR: I've been away for a while. Among other reasons, I've been gone because I've become increasingly dissatisfied with CP.
Andy: Welcome back! Oh, and shut the fuck up, Godspeed!
PJR: We'll see about that, Andy!
Andy starts reverting PJR
PJR reverts to referenced version
Andy: Philip, you're just a dumbfuck liberal! (pic)
PJR: Andy, now you're just talking out of your arse.
Andy: Liar, liar! Pants on fire!
25Andy hits a new low. Obama cannot be a Christian because he has a Very Bad name.
6Jinx Hi Jinx!!! apologizes for mentioning us with "a little too much vitriol". Don't worry, we forgive you, just keep the lulz flowing.
1Kenservative whitewashes evidence of TagoPagdaluhong snitching on our very own DLerner.
2Interesting choice, actually: Maybe it really is better to study US History without a textbook instead of using one Andy recommends...
7Andy "cleaned out liberal claptrap" from the "Population Bomb" article, which makes us frown/smirk since he wrote most of said "liberal claptrap" himself.
12Andy needs no proof that liberals are fatter than conservatives - we here at RW are fond of the pies.
19More top quality mysteries - this time it's Andy's fantastic new thesis that a decent education explains why you're mad as a balloon
10Mysteries of American History #22: Why would any parent pay good money to have the author of an essay like this or a lecture like this teach their kids American History?
1Conservative reverts an edit from roughly six weeks ago (for the log: between these two edits are nine sysop edits - seven of which were by Conservative) and uses it as a convenient excuse for infinite protection
2Don't look now, but personal e-mails are once again used as sources. For bonus Lulz, check out the edit summary... Yes, "pay" is an irregular verb, but not that irregular. Extra extra bonus: Lolwut under the "See Also" section.
30Linking to a Google search to illustrate a claim about it is not cool if the result is so hilariously damning.
6Why is RW filtered at CP? Because its behavior is incompatible with the Conservapedia Commandments. Ah the irony...
2CP welcomes edits more than RW, even essay pages are free for all to edit. The irony meter is now completely broken, and has asked to be relieved of duty.
2Andy, despite his lifelong quest for knowledge, doesn't seem to know that A, polling data is simply gathered opinion, and B, that no polling data could possibly exist for his racist attacks. Oh, and someone should point out to Andy that the statement in question was added by a parodist.
6Andy offers some advice on how to get attention which, funnily enough, does not include riding mommys coat-tails or creating your own encyclo-blog
6You knew it would happen sooner or later. Ed Poor, recipient of many "biggest idiot on CP" awards, has now been bested, humiliated, and pwned by a "childrens' dictionary" aimed at 10-year-olds! See this and the bottom of this. Update: Edit war and a one-day block Hi Jinx! for reverting pointless censorship of an on-topic post.
34Ladies and gentlemen, behold the newest concept from the brilliant mind of Andrew Layton Schlafly: The Invisible Hand of Marriage. Mwahahahaha!!!! Update: Sorry, it doesn't work for gay people. Gays will suffer from unproductive activity, anxiety and depression. On the upside, though, they will also enjoy "addition", and is a recipe for "the enormously beneficial checks and balances provided by traditional marriage." Perhaps you should read your entries before submitting them, Assfly! Also, note that at the bottom of the page, he proudly claims that the Invisible Hand is his own concept- and that it brought up no links on google before he came up with it. Well guess what, now it brings up one link- this page!<nowiki>
2How dare those Wikipedia editors ignore the rules! Why can't they be like us and do away with rules altogether??
8Also funny, is when you try and make fun of someone making fun of someone else, and you forget the preview button, so have to fix it and fix it again. Hey Mr. J. Inxmchue! He clearly missed the CP guideline stating that you can't use your page to ridicule other users. Update: What, correcting your typos within seconds? Oh no you didn't. Moar: In a moment of true WTF, Kara also doesn't allow corrections! But in the end, Jinx simply settles on taunting a banned user's spelling in public. WTF? If Mr. Jinxmchu E. wasn't making fun of the other user's intellectual capability, what WAS he doing, LT?THE END: Andy finally notices Jinx comes off as an idiot and deletes the entire thread
8If you want to talk to Andy, you gotta keep it simple. Yeah, that's shorter, but Andy requests, can you do it in 10 words or less?
6And another of the always lulzy threats of reporting to law enforcement
1Oh, Jinxie. He mentions us, but a few users tell him not to talk about us. The best, most logical response is to blame them instead, and of course not to remove his own mention of us in the first place. Bravo! BrianCo memory-holes the section with full honor and respect (see edit summary).
12Liberals don't debate because they lose debates that include the other side. Strange, each time Ames offers to debate he getsblocked. UPDATE: See? Just like this. UPDATE: Or this.
-5Exactly, Carriagepoo. James Cook and Horatio Nelson were obviously rabbits.
9Ok, what is the Harvard-educated son of filthy rich Conservatives doing calling anything elitist?
7Hey Andy, a quick question: What on earth are you babbling about? Extra points for misogyny!
8Obama is a secret Muslim that wants to sell America out to the 57 Islamic Stateseven though that number is inaccurate, Bill Clinton ordered bombing attacks simply to manipulate American opinions, and Michael Moore has never done anything positive in his life, but Bob Jones isn't racist, the Democratic party is DAMN IT!!!!
2You can say what you want about Ed's silly Writing Assignments, but they are still better than those Karajou dishes out in discussions.
26Conservapedia's front page currently claims that it is a "liberal myth" that "the non-Christian Vikings (Leif Ericson) reached North America before the devoutly Christian Christopher Columbus did. This is yet another attempt to deny and downplay Christian achievement by distorting history." The first part of this statement is of course complete bunk, but the second sentence is absolutely true. What's more, there is a delightful irony in that it is Conservapedia itself that attempts to deny and downplay the achievement of the Christian Vikings by distorting history! Don't miss the wonderful debates on cp:Talk:Main_Page#Vikings_in_North_America, cp:Talk:Leif_Erikson and cp:Talk:American_History_Lecture_One as Andy once again falsifies history to fit his own agenda!
8Another deadline for amending the letter to PNAS as Andy declares that it will be sent, today, 2pm (7pm GMT), deffoUpdate: Sent
3Andy welcomes a public debate with PZ Meyers, or "any evolutionist and/or atheist and/or liberal". Perhaps we can line up sponsorship by the makers of Excedrin and/or Advil. UPDATE: Andy is more than happy to debate, but he wants a security deposit first. WTF is this? A new apartment?
33Apparently, America started out as the largest male-only village on the planet, and everybody reproduced asexually. Why else would Andy wonder why there might have been women in a Norse settlement?
6Master of debate, Conservative, once again flexes his formidable intellect
9Conservapedia Commandments rule out "Rational Enquiry" as a cause of Atheism
10"I have no idea how to get your children into University without having to teach them some actual facts".
4More Conservapedia Math: If something can be used to prove absurdities (read: counter-intuitive theorems such as the Banach-Tarski paradox) then that means it is wrong.
5Jinx finally comes to terms with something we have all known for some time now. Yes Jinx, you are a moron. Pwned by a vandal!
8RationalWiki mourns for the 35 poor students who will have to keep a straight face in Andy's American History Lectures. If you have any questions, here is a handy list of teachers you can contact for impartial advice
2It's maybe easier to understand why some CP sysops don't trust public schools, and especially classes about scientific concepts, when you consider that Learn Together, for example, spent his science classes watching "Inherit the Wind" and apparently thinks that this is what "usually" happens in normal such classes.
12Jinx Hi Jinx! misunderstands how the CP/RW relationship works. We {{subst:C|Blatant plagiarism/Boy George|point out things like plagiarism}}, you guys remove it. You should not break the site rules by re-adding plagiarism just because the hint came from RW. Update: "Prove that he's not the original author!" This will be hard, considering that the guy who created the article was already banned a year ago for vandalism... Update: Flawed logic in action: "So I asked the banned vandal if he really is the famous music and theater critic..."
15More "good" publicity for Conservapedia proudly displayed on the mainpage.
25After some odd blocking behavior, several RW discussions that would've made Baby Jesus cry, and a short cool-down block, Fox completely snaps on CP and goes on a major blocking spree while engaging Jinx Hey Jinx! in a Wheel War. He had help, though: Somebody gave him a fake magic list of moles and parodists - something not even The Cabal (there is no Cabal) has...
3John A. Davison, known internet whack job, plugs his "positive" article at Conservapedia.
2You'd think that with the word "learn" in your username, you would've learned Conservapedia Commandment #5 ("Do not post personal opinion on an encyclopedia entry.") by now.
13Yeah Terry. The spelling is what's wrong with that article. (Zapped, copied here.)
29Yes, Kajagoogoo, trying to save electricity and water is EXACTLY like sending your parents to the concentration camps! This should make Godwin's AND Fox's heads explode.Update: Fox thinks "perhaps" it's overdramatic.
1On the Talk:Judaism page, it's concluded that the word "God" should be written out rather than hyphenated, as some observant Jews do to avoid defacing His name, because "it's a Christian wiki and country."
6It's a good ole fashioned edit war! Fox adds, Jinx deletes. Hey Jinx! Fox, not content, adds back with edit comment, and Jinx won't let it go.
20A user removes the "beliefs" section from "Young Mass Murderers." Andy "reverts" the user, conveniently removing killers who stole legally purchased firearms, and a killer who was motivated by hatred of feminism. UPDATE: Andy re-removes the homeschooled/Christian killer and the fella who hated feminists for being "too old", yet keeps the older public-school dressed-in-black murderer.
23A gunman who hates Christianity shoots up a Church. We'd better mention that he hates Christianity and ignore that the Church he shot up was Unitarian Universalist and may have been targeted for being liberal. Update: Andy removes the claim, yet conveniently leaves in the hearsay source that he hates Christians without the more up-to-date source about him hating liberals.
3The Universe has decided that Jinx isn't annoying and disruptive enough yet, so it has arranged an encounter with his new mentor, the Grand Master of Disruption!
6Andy dissects Obama's media coverage with his awesome Conservative Insight X-Ray Spex! TM
5You know who make the best impartial sources? Ex-girlfriends.
9Andy Schlafly brings his programming skills to the fore and buggers up the wiki. UPDATE: A sock explains how to optimize MySQL tables, and is thanked politely by HenryS.
7Yet more ignorance from the Great Educator - a "stunning defeat for the UK Labour party" in Glasgow East, yes, indeed it was. But if Andy had bothered to read the article he posted, he'd know that it was the Scottish National Party who won the seat, not the Conservatives, and so not only does it not signal a Conservative takeover of "all of Britain", it actually means the "all of Britain" thing is slightly more threatened, as the SNP want greater separation of powers from London government.
13It is official. Girls are dumb. Thank you Professor Andy. Everything is set straight now. UPDATE: Let's have a Conservapedia conference circle-jerk about it.
13Somebody is calling a spade a spade... Block imminent? And in the meantime a anti-CP Hitchens article would be, well, "something to behold"...Meanwhile, Jinx attacks. Is it wise to be going down that road after defending this edit my friend? UPDATE: The Overlord speaks! And he says, "No comment. Someone else will fix this. I'm going to delete all mention of it. Do not talk about it again." Twice. Update: Memory-holed!
13Foxy provides Merriam-Webster with the ultimate definition of bitch-slap.
15Gossip? No, we don't allow that here... UPDATE CPAdmin calls out Karajou... and removes it<nowiki>
1Bungler bungles: get a nicer account name Randyman1. Oh, you can't -- we've disabled account creation!
3Returning, head bowed, from earnest duties at WP, Ed Poor forgets to take off the Hat Of Reasonableness.
28It's a block duel, featuring Jinxmchue v. Fox! It's too bad they can each unblock themselves. UPDATE: Jinx is a tattletale and another conflict ensues... UPDATE: Jinxmhue is apparently an avid reader of WIGO. Hiya Jinx! (we say with even less concealed sarcasm)
5Does pro Christian mean anti Semitic? Fox has no doubts about the American Family Association.
23In the aftermath of the JJacob carnage, the vise on Andy's balls is tightened a bit more. UPDATE Poof! (Just in case: saved here)
10Jinx finally discovers where we hang out and tells Andy he'll "keep an eye on us". I wonder who he thought Conservative was talking to....
30It's happening! Recently promoted sock JJacob picks his moment to come out of (not so) deep cover and tries to block all the sysops before they can get him! Go JJ! Don't forget anyone! Own the site! UPDATE: Oh well. Andy draws some moral conclusions from the rape of his site.
-4Archiving: You're doing it wrong.
10Conservapedia to challenge Lenski to a public debate?
2Evolutionists fear being bad defeated. Not badly defeated; bad defeated. Andy's qualifications as a teacher shine through once again.
49Quick Andy! Send the letter before someone with common sense or intelligence tells you otherwise! UPDATE Holy crap, He's going to send it. UPDATE Someone makes a good point on why the letter will not be published, so Andy reverts, blocks, and says Lenski is the one that lacks scientific rigour.UPDATE Looks like the mailing list is almost complete.
9Jinx, are you just stupid? Not vandalism? How is this not vandalism? Didn't discuss? Maybe his version of discussing is just different from Wikipedia's? Or do you feel a need to have a beef with Wikipedia?
4But Ken- what on earth will all the Conservapedians do for food if you remove their only source of protein?
21This is well worth the inevitable perma-ban that's coming. UPDATE: Two permabans—PLB and MBishop, so far. Who's next?
10What is going on at Conservapedia? Nothing is going on at Conservapedia! As, for the umpteenth time in the past few weeks, the site is inaccessible again. UPDATE: They're baaaaaack!
14Another satisfied customer! Humblpi's had enough and takes a long Parthian piss into the wind. (Backed up here, for when CP crashes again.)
13Breaking News!!! Obama leaves an "S" off a word, arguably changing its meaning! An unpatriotic gaffe. What will it be next? Claiming he's qualified to teach American History while telling his students that Lincoln was the second President to die in office? Update: Grammatically owned. Update 2: removed! And by Ed Poor no less.
8I see a new Conservapedia Commandment coming: "Speak no ill of the right wing dead". Of course you can slag off those nasty left wing victims of Hollywood values.
16This site is stagnating rapidly! That's 21 non-minor mainspace edits in twenty-four hours.
2Jacques Derrida, founder of deconstruction, is so not notable that wikilinks to his (redlink) article will be removed. I guess that means that JM couldn't find a good source about him to copy-paste from...
3Oh snap! CBS says that "Wikipedia Is A Stunning Example Of How The Propaganda Machine Works"!, it doesn't. It just quoted and reprinted a National Review article in their Opinion section. Propaganda and deceit about an article about... propaganda and deceit. Lovely!
13JBonham, you are a liberal propagandist and inserted a meaningless, incorrect correction. NO thank you. meanwhile Glad I thought of this.
17Greg tries to make nice with Andy; Andy calls Greg a liar, a moron, a cheat, and a liberal.
3Welcome to CP, where you can get blocked for explaining your reasoning
9The Eagle Forum University links to CP and features courses Andy (who just happens to be the son of the Eagle Forum founder) also offered on CP. And yet, assuming (on a talk page) that the Eagle Forum somehow sponsors CP will get you a one-week block and some nice censorship
32Ed Poor denied a sysopship on Wikipedia
3A user kindly points out that both WND and NRO have closed the door on this whole Barack may not be eligible to run thing... No doubt Assfly will change it right away, however, two weeks and three revisions later, it's still there and what did the helpful editor get for their trouble? Anybody wanna take a guess?
8Karajou creates a Wikipedia account for the sole purpose of supporting Ed in his RFA. Sadly, he fools nobody and is blocked for being an SPA. Quote Karajou: Arggh, the irony is what really hurts matey.
40So Conservative has been caught changing quoted material. Will he burn the evidence? Sure, that is what happened.