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This article is about the crazy fundie blog. For the slightly less crazy fundie blog, see Conservapedia.

Conservatipedia is a blog owned by Chris Francis. It is believed to be a parody, though nothing of that nature has ever been proven (see Poe's law). In a post answering the satire question, Francis said: "It must be hard for seculars to handle the fact that there are real people out there that follow God's words and live by it."[1] There hasn't been any indication of parody found in the HTML code of the site. Rumours have circulated[citation needed] that these are members from Conservapedia that wanted to help support the site and write with a more offensive tone. The site uses the slogan: "battling the liberal bias of the internet".

2008 U.S. election[edit]

Conservatipedia endorsed Mike Huckabee as the candidate of choice for the Republican Party. It declared that John McCain is a "filthy liberal"[2] and Mitt Romney is a "filthy mormon"[3]. Links to Mike Huckabee's website are found under the conservative links menu. Huckabee is also suspected of being a parodist.


The blogger declares such things as:

  • "Madonna has AIDS", which he claims is divine punishment for having anal sex.
  • "A strong belief in our Lord Jesus Christ is really the only cure for aids."
  • "All Moslems should be put into concentration camps."
  • "Atheists are out to get your children".


A few people comment on the blog posts, and seem to be roughly split between those who think it's a parody and those who are just horrified.

The Party's Over[edit]

The final post on the blog, dated to October 31st, 2013, explicitly stated the blog was an example of Poe's law in action.[4], though the author states[5] he did mix in his own beliefs. So, that's it, folks.

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