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Our fear of the Unabomber as a freely acting individual shows in the attempts our media has made to demonize him.

CrimethInc. is an American anarchist organization that tends to subscribe to the "lifestyle" school of anarchism. It's probably best known for its extreme viewpoints on virtually everything, most especially work which they typically view as a form of slavery that must be abolished if true individual freedom is to be achieved. The word 'crimethink' comes from George Orwell's novel 1984, meaning thoughtcrime.

They take their views rather farther than usual, such as opposing the domestication of any animals,[2] supporting crimes (such as shoplifting[3]), and endorsing… interesting characters like the Unabomber. Like most lifestylists, they write about the joys of dumpster diving and generally living outside modern society.

They are more well-known specifically for their opposition to democracy, which they constantly lambast as being detrimental to individual autonomy. Their dislike of it has resulted in ire from traditional left-libertarian anarchists who argue that democracy, despite not being an entirely flawless solution, is a necessity in maintaining anarchist societies once they are effected.[4]

Such views have naturally resulted in Crimethinc. gaining a reputation as a host to bourgeois post-left anarchist beliefs rather than a genuinely good, seriously minded source of anarchist philosophy.

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