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Daniel John Neiman is an American creationist, parapsychologist, pseudoscience promoter and spiritualist crank.

Neiman claims to specialize in studying altered states of consciousness and has written a series of woo articles in the New Dawn magazine (supporting creationism) and for The Near-Death Experience Research Foundation. He regurgitates all the standard creationist arguments in his article "Intelligent Design Scientific Facts Point Us in a New Direction".[1]

He is the owner of the paranormal website "Anomalous Experience". His book Enter the Light (2012) embraces all kinds of pseudoscience including intelligent design, UFO/alien abductions and spiritualism. Neiman ignores any skeptical literature on these subjects. He claims out-of-body experiences prove the existence of a "multi-dimensional reality" even though OBE's have a psychological explanation.Wikipedia

Neiman believes that fraudulent mediums such as Eusapia Palladino and Leonora Piper communicated with spirits, and he ignores any evidence of fraud in the mediums he has written about. He is most notable for trolling various blogs and forums claiming the medium Daniel Dunglas Home was never caught in fraud. In reality Home was caught cheating by a number of different séance sitters.[2] Neiman claims every medium was genuine; even the Fox sisters, who confessed to their fraud (he invokes a conspiracy theory about their confession).

He posts various conspiracy theories and pseudoscience on the spiritualist blogs of Robert McLuhan and Michael Prescott. He also claims the crank podcast of Alex Tsakiris is "one of the best internet radio shows around."[3]

Neiman currently resides in Seoul, South Korea.[4]


  • Enter the Light (2012), self-published. ISBN 0615735193.

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