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Ngo in DC.
Frogs, clowns and swastikas
Rebuilding the Reich, one meme at a time
Ngo is yet another Free Speech Guy bizarrely fixated on proving that Islam is inherently bad and violent under the guise of searching for the "truth" while successfully gaining fame for doing so. In fact, he mentions the crusade on his Patreon page, which rakes in $521 a month.
—Libby Watson[1]

Andy Cuong Ngo (c. 1986–) is an American conservative[2], "journalist" and former editor of the alt-right-pandering online magazine Quillette. Although he is gay[3], he is predictably an anti-feminist and an Islamophobe.

He first attracted widespread criticism after publishing an opinion column titled "A Visit to Islamic England" in the Wall Street Journal.[4][5] He has been described as "one of the leading amplifiers of Islamophobia in US."[6] Lately he has refocused his brand on targeting leftist activists, promoting the "antifa are the real fascists" narrative.[7]

He lost his job at Quillette (and had all his content there deleted) for no explicitly stated reason at a time that just happened to coincide perfectly with a leaked video of him standing nearby as Patriot PrayerWikipedia's W.svg members conspired to commit assault.[8][9] We're sure it's unrelated.

Early Reddit History[edit]

Here is a sad and fascinating look at how an insecure guy with no friends or job, bullied for his weight, race, and sexuality, might cure his pain and alienation by finding a home as a propagandist for violent fascists who hate most of what he is.

A Visit to Islamic England[edit]

Ngo's column, published in the execrable Wall Street Journal opinion section, that controversially describes London as "failed multiculturalism",[10] has been described as "utter nonsense"[11] and a "dishonest race-baiting article" by someone who actually lives in Whitechapel, the area of London Ngo had briefly visited.[12]

Several of Ngo's statements and claims were disproved by a Tower Hamlets Council spokesperson, for example Ngo had incorrectly tried to link a street alcohol ban specifically to Islam (echoing the conspiracy theories of no-go zones and Eurabia), not realising "no drinking zones have been introduced by many councils across the UK to tackle antisocial behaviour linked to street drinking."[13]

Ngo later admitted writing lies making mistakes in his opinion column.[14]

Attacked by Antifa[edit]

In May 2019, Ngo was pepper-sprayed by an Antifa protester in Portland, Oregon.[15] Afterwards, Ngo doxed a person who'd been knocked out by a Proud Boy at the same rally. It was later stated that her spine had been broken in the process.[16]

In June 2019, Ngo was kicked, punched, "milkshaked", and silly-stringed by antifa protesters in Portland, Oregon, and ended up in the hospital.[17]

Right-wing media (though not Ngo himself) widely claimed that Ngo had had a brain hemorrhage. If so, he improved remarkably quickly -- Ngo was discharged and appeared on Fox News the next day.[18] Right-wing media also widely claimed that Ngo had been attacked by a "cement milkshake", including Fox News[19] (who later backtracked their coverage)[20] and Ted Cruz. Such a milkshake, if used, would not be effective as mixtures with more than 1% sugar prevent cement from settling.[21]

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