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Darwin Fish

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Not to be confused with the Darwin fish

Darwin Fish is a very ironically-named fundamentalist pastor of a group called "A True Church", located in a remote part of northeastern Oklahoma. The cult "church" thinks that there is a very short list of people who will be admitted to heaven (Matthew 7:13-14). If you decline to follow him on every SINGLE POINT of Doctrine Darwin will Declare you "Hell Bound". Like many extremist religious leaders, his teachings give people good reasons to chuck the whole thing.

Fish provides a lengthy laundry-list of Christian luminaries, such as Pope John Paul II, Billy Graham, Rick Warren, and Ray Comfort, and then states that the lot of them are false teachers on the "broad way to hell."[1] In a page specifically attacking Billy Graham, he offers the argument that because Billy Graham is famous and popular, he is a false teacher.[2]


As an alternative to these lemmings marching along the broad road to the Eternal Barbecue, he offers his own theology as the real route into Heaven. His beliefs include:

  • The Lord is a man of war: the Lord is his name.[3] It is thus valid to conclude that God is a man.[4]
  • Jesus has two wives, the Church and Jerusalem; therefore, Christianity supports polygamy.[5]
  • God is a smoker. You could see the smoke from his pipe when Mount Sinai erupted.[6]
  • "Right smack in the middle of God and God is God, who is declared to be 'the seven Spirits who are before his throne.'"[7]
  • The city of Jerusalem is also God.[8] Does that mean God is currently under construction?
  • And, finally, to shatter the irony meter: all of established Christianity is one big cult.[9]

In addition, his church believes that God caused 9/11 and controls all things, and that God hates workers of iniquity. Some of his beliefs are somewhat similar to Westboro Baptist Church founder Fred Phelps, but of course, since only he is supposed to know the truth, we can't have that can we? So he speaks out against Phelps as well.[10] Fish and A True Church confronted Westboro in 2004 at a Billy Graham crusade, only to have it turn into a shouting match an exchange of ideas.[11]

Protest activities[edit]

Darwin was confronted by an atheist in this video while protesting at a local festival in Tahlequah, Oklahoma.

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