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If you take Mein Kampf and if you remove the word Jew and put in the word Muslim, that is what I believe in.
—Bal Thackeray[1]

Bal Thackeray (1926-2012) was an Indian don spiritual leader. He headed a political party known as Shiv SenaWikipedia. Shiv Sena's motto is "MumbaiWikipedia for Marathis".


Thackeray was very vocal in his opposition to people who migrate to Mumbai, to non-Hindus (especially Muslims), and to Muslim immigrants from Bangladesh. In the late 1970s, as part of his "Maharashtra is for Maharashtrians" campaign, Thackeray threatened migrants from South India with harm unless they left Mumbai. In 2002, Thackeray issued a call to form Hindu suicide squads to counter alleged Muslim violence.

On Muslims[edit]

He equated Islam with violence, regularly wrote inflammatory anti-Muslim columns in his newspaper Samna. and criticized former Indian president A. P. J. Abdul Kalam since he was a Muslim.

Admiration for Hitler[edit]

Bal Thackeray was a great fan of Hitler, and has made various islamophobic statements mirroring Hitler's anti-semitics statements, such as saying that Indian Muslims will meet the same fate German Jews did.[2]

Religious beliefs[edit]

Ironically he claimed that he was once an atheist, perhaps in an attempt to discredit atheists.[3]

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