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LGB Alliance is a British anti-trans hate group. It was launched in October 2019 and its supporters include lawyer Allison Bailey, Bev Jackson (co-founder of the Gay Liberation Front), former comedian Simon Fanshawe, and anti-trans campaigner Miranda Yardley. Their T-less name makes their stance pretty clear as well as lumping anything that isn't "LGB" as part of that umbrella. Most of their members are trans-exclusionary radical feminists. Despite claims to be "Asserting the right of lesbians, bisexuals and gay men to define themselves as same-sex attracted" they don't wish to extend this right to trans people.[1][2] Some media sources inaccurately claimed it had split from the LGBT charity Stonewall, but despite one or two former Stonewall people (like Fanshawe) being involved, none of Stonewall's staff or trustees left to join LGB Alliance.[3][4] In an interesting move, a branch known as "LGB Alliance Ireland" was established in October 2020... as a British company operating out of London.[5] This has drawn a great deal of criticism, as the majority of Irish feminists are not anti-trans, and many consider TERFism to be an imperialist, colonialist movement that is unwanted in Ireland.[6]

On 20 April 2021, the UK Charity Commission investigated and rejected allegations of LGB Alliance engaging in discrimination against transgender people.[7] This ruling was condemned by over 50 UK LGBT Pride groups, who published a joint open letter in response.[8]

Political positions[edit]

The LGB Alliance state that their goal is "Asserting the right of lesbians, bisexuals and gay men to define ourselves as same-sex attracted."

"We believe that biological sex is observed at birth and not assigned. In our view, current gender ideologies are pseudo-scientific and present a threat to people whose sexual orientation is towards the same sex, or to both sexes. In addition, we believe that these ideologies are confusing and dangerous to children."[9]

They have also said they are not anti-trans.[10] However this has been disputed by many,[11][12] not least due to the actions and behaviours of the LGB Alliance, along with the affiliations and stated beliefs of their supporters, key or founding members, etc.

LGB Alliance Ireland appears to have introduced itself to the Irish by spreading a slew of transphobic inaccuracies,[13] including a suggestion that a CBT treatment for obsessive-compulsive disorder could also be applied to gender dysphoria in order to get the transgender patient to "learn to love the skin you live in." Proposing a solution that sounds an awful lot like conversion therapy isn't too surprising for a group which has called laws that ban the practice of conversion therapy “Trojan Horses" while sharing an article which refers to transgender teenagers as a "global epidemic."[14]

The LGB Alliance tweeted a list of 12 questions they had for "prospective parliamentary candidates." None of the questions related to LGB rights; instead every single one related to trans people.[15] They routinely share links on Twitter from anti-trans groups and publications including 4thWaveNow,[16] The Times,[17] communist publication Morning Star News[18] The Federalist, Conservative Woman, and hard-right magazine Spiked (best known for defending Alex Jones, Tommy Robinson and Viktor Orbán, the homophobic prime minister of Hungary, among others).[19][20]

They have also misrepresented, insulted and rejected the existence of non-binary people.[21][22]

They also claim to find the term "cisgendered" to be offensive—a common transphobic stance reminiscent of the homophobic aversion to the words "straight" or "heterosexual."[23]

The LGB Alliance has long rubbed shoulders with Transgender Trend, an anti-trans hate group who target children via propaganda and medical or educational policy, including a package of stickers which they withdrew after educators pointed out that they would facilitate bullying. The LGB Alliance has asked people to donate to them, promoted a book associated with them, and endorsed teaching materials they produce for use in schools.[24][25][26][27][28]

Regarding the conversation around trans-supportive parents and doctors, the LGB Alliance have also suggested for somebody here to be criminally prosecuted, though it may not be clear who. Non-transphobic LGBTQ+ groups who follow WPATH guidelines and help trans-supportive parents may be who they are saying should be prosecuted:[29][30]

"Clinicians have been pressured for years by lobby groups arguing on the basis of narrow ideological views and false suicide statistics. ... Much of the blame lies with leading LGBTQ+ orgs that have persuaded parents their children urgently need medicalization. When criminal prosecutions follow, this will become painfully clear."

While it's perhaps not clear who they are suggesting should be prosecuted for providing medical treatment for gender dysphoria to minors, it would seem fairly reprehensible no matter what the answer is—doctors, LGBTQ+ rights activists, or parents. If they want LGBTQ+ rights organizations to be prosecuted for supporting treatment of dysphoria in minors, it reminds one of the effects that Russia's "gay propaganda" law has had on gay youth—a law that has also lead to gay people in Russia being unable to seek mental health support tailored to their needs, and being unable to voice this need in the first place.[31] If they want for doctors to be criminally prosecuted, they certainly have an ally in American conservatives, including the anti-gay Heritage Foundation.[32]

Most recently—and bafflingly—they tweeted Eddie Izzard to let her know that her recent decision to go by she/her pronouns was a "let down." They magnanimously assured Izzard that they were sure she hadn’t 'meant to offend' anyone by being herself and invited her to chat.[33]

Founders' views[edit]

Founder Allison Bailey tweeted that trans people had no right to children.[34][35] At the time of the LGB Alliance's founding in London, Bailey stated that "gender extremism is about to meet its match."[36] She also stated "The LGBTQ lobbying juggernaut that created & then weaponised 'gender identity' theories, gave birth to a cult... No cult ends voluntarily. They must be stopped." This could be considered a rather chilling threat against non-transphobic LGBTQ people.[37]

Their co-founder, Kate Harris, explicitly stated intersex people "necessitate medical treatment."[38]

Another co-founder, Simon Fanshawe, published an article[39] in the Guardian back in 2006 (!) that claimed "[s]ociety now accepts gay men as equals" and accused gay men of "behaving like teenagers" for things like having kinky sex. "[W]e have to grow out of our teenage years of sex and drugs and mocking the old, and embrace a future of fidelity and responsibility," he wrote.

Anti-LGB Positions[edit]

Co-founder Malcolm Clark, who apparently works on contract for the BBC, has stated that LGBT school clubs are "unnecessary and dangerous" and "encourage predators,"[40] Victim blaming children for the existence of predators because they organised supportive social clubs is a curious stance for a supposedly pro-LGB organisation—it is usually heterosexual right-wingers that assume orientation is inherently sexual (think of the children). His position on the topic certainly seems to have drawn the interest of the UK-based evangelical Christian conservative[41][42] organization Christian Concern, which published information about the incident on its website for its readers.[43]

One of the speakers at the LGB Alliance launch event was Gary Powell, a man who has allied with the Heritage Foundation against gay surrogacy rights and has written for Public Discourse, a division of The Witherspoon Institute which staunchly opposes gay marriage.[44][45]

Twitch streamer Casey Explosion has highlighted the LGB Alliance's other links with Conservative evangelical think tank the Heritage Foundation.[46]

The LGB Alliance argued on Twitter that it isn't "homophobic" to not be in favor of gay marriage, because most people identified as lesbian, gay or bisexual in the United Kingdom aren't in same-sex marriages.[47] The chart they use to support this argument shows an increase in the proportion of gay marriages every year relative to the LGB population in the UK.

Notably, legalisation of equal marriage rights has been linked to a decrease in suicide attempts among young people, and especially LGBT youth in many countries.[48][49][50]

However, while they consider being against equal marriage not homophobic, apparently the entire modern, mainstream LGBT movement is homophobic, because it isn’t transphobic.[51]

In August 2020, the LGB Alliance claimed that a rainbow lanyard "reflects alignment with gender identity campaigners who promote self-ID. There is a clash between self-ID and the rights of LGB people and women." Additionally, they suggested agreement with the sentiment that wearing a rainbow lanyard "undermines the impartiality of the police."[52][53][54]

They also falsely and ahistorically stated that gay and lesbian activists "never demanded society change its laws" or "cursed people who disagreed";[55] a baffling and incorrect statement from a group purporting to serve LGB people, and rather insulting to the lesbian and gay activists who fought and died to change homophobic laws[56] and in some countries, still give their lives in support of the cause.[57]

The LGB Alliance also "object" to non-binary people and imply that they think non-binary people do not exist.[58]

The Ireland LGB Alliance tried to pressure schools into withdrawing from an anti-bullying campaign, designed to help LGBT children. The campaign, BeLonG To, distributes packs to schools across the country that draw attention to the violence, discrimination and bullying LGBT+ young people often face in school. The group was lambasted by Irish scientist and artist Robert Bohan, who branded the LGB Alliance Ireland "an infamous hate group masquerading as a gay rights organisation."[59]


The LGB Alliance recently stated that the presence of bisexual people in opposite sex relationships in gay bars and clubs was disrespectful and offensive.[60]

Conversion "therapy"[edit]

While the LGB Alliance claim they do not support conversion therapy, they opposed a ban on conversion therapy,[61] and claimed that "gender identity" campaigners having given "conversion therapy" a new meaning. This is untrue, and trans people subjected to conversion "therapy" experience the same enormous increase in suicidal ideation that LGB people do, which is why every reputable psychological organisation denounces it.[62]

Despite claiming to oppose conversion therapy, the LGB Alliance still supports the radical feminist idea that gender identity doesn't really exist and is simply an "ideology" that should be rejected.[63] The logical conclusion of rejecting gender identity is that there is no legitimate medical reason for any trans people to transition, and that all gender dysphoria should be treated with psychotherapy.

Criticism from the LGBTQ community[edit]

The initial LGB Alliance announcement was met with widespread condemnation by the LGBTQ community.[64] They have been criticised by Out magazine.[65] Pink News charted the immense backlash from LGBTQ people against the group, with LGB people describing the group as "transphobic," "disgusting" and "vile." At the time of the group's founding, several commentators claimed that the LGB Alliance's founding signatories were primarily composed of heterosexuals.[66][67][68]

Former Chief Executive of Stonewall, Ruth Hunt, has said:[69]

"It feels to me that the old, homophobic attitudes have simply morphed into new transphobic ones. The same hatred is behind all of it. When those who spread such prejudicial views present themselves as our friends, merely trying to defend us from the malignant danger of trans people, it is completely disingenuous."

A bisexual woman went to a queer club in Glasgow wearing an LGB Alliance T-shirt in what seems like a deliberate attempt to offend. She was asked to turn her T-shirt inside out, and when she refused, was ejected. She was monitored and quickly provided with her jacket. While some TERFs have supported this person, the wider LGBT community, particularly cis bisexual women, have applauded the club for ejecting someone wearing a T-shirt representing a hate group.[70]

At a Manchester Pride protest in August 2021, a man wearing an LGB Alliance T-shirt was escorted away by two police officers whilst protesters chanted "Trans lives matter" towards him.[71]

Support from the right wing[edit]

Many right-wing newspapers and organisations have supported the LGB Alliance. These include anti-trans trans woman Debbie Hayton, in the Spectator,[72] reactionary libertarian publication Quillette and noted TERF Helen Joyce,[73] who edits the Economist, a publication that suggested trans people should be subject to mandatory sterilisation before being recognised.[74] Other supporters have included TERF website After Ellen,[75] right wing and anti-trans newspaper The Times,[76] Andrew Sullivan,[77] and Conservative Woman.[78]

It is perhaps telling that both Breitbart[79] and Conservative Woman are otherwise firmly homophobic.

Self-identified butch lesbian Ruth Hunt has wryly noted how lovely and surprising it is to see a previously rather anti-LGB media become positively friendly towards LGB rights when they can be weaponised against trans people:[69]

"Truly, I am touched and thrilled to have the support of so many sections of the media. If I'm honest, I thought they hated butch lesbians. I'm delighted that they are now passionately championing our right to exist and be proud of who we are."

Questionable propaganda[edit]

LGB Alliance co-founder Bev Johnson has previously used the organization's Twitter to share a rather... dubious anecdote. A tale is described of meeting a young, weeping woman at a party in 1969. She had apparently grown up in a small village and had never heard of homosexuality. Instead, she had—again, in a small English village in the 60s—obtained a double mastectomy and hysterectomy, on request and without counseling or psychiatric assessment.[80] This story was meant to demonstrate the dangers of the trans agenda—and is unlikely to actually happen in real life, to say the least. In response to skepticism about the claim, Bev Johnson responded:

"As I say, I can’t verify it. But impossible things do happen. I knew a healthy woman who had an elective abortion in the UK in 1950. Absolutely impossible but it happened. BJ"[81]

While trans healthcare had begun in the 1960s in England, it was centered on one London clinic.[82] While there is a legitimate feminist discussion to be had whether hysterectomy is overused—particularly in the United States, where 1 in 3 women have the procedure, compared to 1 in 5 in the U.K.[83]—it is extremely unlikely that a young, healthy, child-free woman would have been able to obtain one, then or now, especially because that person wanted to transition, and especially not without psychiatric intervention. Both Roberta Cowell and Michael Dillon had to speak to psychiatrists before they could obtain hormones, let alone surgery. In short, even if the story in question was accurate, the surgeries would not have been obtained on the basis of transition.

OHCHR submission[edit]

The LGB Alliance submitted a document to the OHCHR seminar on academic freedom claiming that:

"Thus, those who Google our organization, LGB Alliance, are initially directed by Google's algorithm to a RationalWiki page with false and defamatory information about us. In our view, this constitutes interference with the right to seek information."[84]

They did not clarify which statements were allegedly false or defamatory. Their submission also objected to the fact that social media companies have begun to consider transphobia on par with racism.

"The aforementioned companies that control the online media landscape suppress other views: those deemed to be fascistic or racist, for instance. By suppressing views.., such as what is called "misgendering," along with views that are widely regarded as obnoxious, these companies create the suggestion that emphasizing the reality of biological sex belongs in the same category as these objectionable ideas."

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