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Ovarit is an invitation-only[1], self-described "feminist" forum echo chamber dedicated to hating trans people, especially trans women.[2] It serves as a refuge for the TERF movement, as well as other transphobic discourse. Despite it being a self-described "platform for women-centered communities", transphobia remains its primary export, and actual women-centered communities are non-existent.

The name "Ovarit" directly references ovaries, the anatomical female gonads. However, it automatically excludes (what a surprise!), in addition to trans women, any women who may have had an oophorectomy or who were born without ovaries. Unsurprisingly, Ovarit was founded by former moderators of /r/GenderCritical on Reddit, which was banned in June 2020 for its virulent transphobic discourse.[1] Fun fact: its GenderCritical forum is the most popular one on the website, for obvious reasons.


Ovarit's history began on July 29, 2020, exactly one month following it being banished from Reddit.[3] Some of its users flocked to alternative Reddit-like "free speech" platforms, such as Saidit (a QAnon hub), following its ban. However, some users felt that a "true feminist" alternative to Reddit was necessary; as such, former Reddit users, with the "help" of "feminist" developers from Spinster and the hate group[4][5] Women's Human Rights Campaign, as well as a little organization on Discord,[6] Ovarit was born.

Ovarit's original mandate was to create a "safe space" not only to "protect" themselves and "carry on as before," but "to become even bigger."[6] This form of creating private communities is common in right-wing extremist groups.

The platform[edit]

Ovarit is built exactly like Reddit, and has forked some of its previously-open-source code, alongside the code of other Reddit clones, such as Throat.[6] Its individual forums, named "circles", all generally revolve around trans-exclusionary ideologies in some way. Examples include:

  • "Activism", for activism… against trans women
  • "Cancelled", which attempts to denounce attempts made by rational persons to silence transphobes
  • "GenderCritical", because why not?
  • "Radfemmery", which is for memes that ridicule trans women
  • "TransLogic", which attempts to baselessly criticize what trans activists (or as they call them, TRAs) do
  • "Women", presumably for advocating for women's somehow-sex-based rights

Ovarit puts up some rules to "limit" transphobia, as in forbidding the slurs "tranny" and "troon", but still permits common TERF lingo, such as "TRA" for trans activists and "TIM" ("trans-identified male") for trans women.[2]

Ovarit's forums have been described as "insular and defensive" and as an echo chamber (since unlike Reddit's /r/GenderCritical, its gatekeeping allows only the "[[Bigotry|good humans]" (bigots) in.[6] However, its forums are of a significantly smaller size than Reddit, limiting its outreach and keeping it confined to that corner of the Internet.


Ovarit's transphobia can only be described as extremist, and as absolutely virulent. Its /r/GenderCritical forum is filled with people ranging from J.K. Rowling defenders to "kill all transgenders" terrorists. Many of its posts attempt to justify instances of transphobia which have been reported in the media, and celebrate "victories" obtained by transphobes attempting to justify and/or legalize transphobia. Lots of complaints on "censorship" against anti-trans views are also present on various forums.

Enbyphobia is also present on its forums, as well as transmisandry, but both are significantly less common than transmisogyny, simply because trans men and non-binary people do not exist in the TERF mindset.

Ovarit's breed of transphobia seems to not be of the religious right's "family values" kind at first glance, but a clear undertone of religious bigotry is present within some of its members. This puts it in line with other British and European transphobic organizations, which aren't religious themselves but often collaborate with the religious right for extra points.

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