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Dwight Schultz in 1996
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William Dwight Schultz (1947–) is an American actor and conservative political commentator. He is primarily known for his role as Howlin' Mad Murdock in the 80s TV series The A-Team, itself famous for firing a million-and-one bullets at people and never killing anyone. He also played the neurotic Lieutenant Reginald "Broccoli" Barclay on a few episodes of Star Trek.

Schultz made a name for himself as a Rush Limbaugh wannabe, hosting the conservative talk radio podcast Howling Mad Radio,[1] writing on the blog Big Hollywood (Breitbart)[2] and acting as a substitute host for America's favorite talk-radio Republican Michael Savage. The Howling Mad Radio podcast ended in 2009.

Schultz is a big Donald Trump fan and is critical of both Republicans and Democrats who are against Trump. Schultz criticized John McCain for criticizing Trump, gone after Fox News host Chris Wallace for being upset after Trump called the news media an enemy of the American people, called Debbie Wasserman Schultz a liar for warning that Republican policies were dangerous for Israel, and called Barack Obama a "hard left socialist", among other disparaging declarations.[3]


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