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Branco and his pencil scalpel.
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Branco is a surgeon and his pen is his scalpel, an instrument he wields with laser-like precision in cutting through the philosophical morass of liberal orthodoxy.
—Branco's Vanity About Page from his website[1]

Antonio F. Branco is a conservative, American political cartoonist from Washington State whose work is featured in "Conservative Political Cartoonist for Net Right Daily, Legal Insurrection, Conservative Daily News".[2] Like Ben Garrison's comics, Branco's comics are overtly pro-Trump, pro-gun, and anti-liberal.


Repeal Revealed[edit]

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Branco claims that Democrats want to repeal the Second Amendment:[3]

It has been revealed over the past week that the Democrat party is officially the party of repealing the 2nd Amendment. Political Cartoon by A.F. Branco

This comic is a response to the push for "common sense" gun laws by Democrats that ban highly dangerous guns.[4] The comic illustrates the common confusion that the Second Amendment is exclusively about guns, when it's actually about arms. In other words, the Second Amendment has already been violated because citizens' rights to explosives and such are already restricted; explosives are armsWikipedia by definition. However, Branco has not shown any sort of outcry over this. Also, Branco takes it to the extreme by insinuating that Democrats secretly want to repeal the Second Amendment.[note 1]

March Madness[edit]

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Branco created another anti-gun-control comic:[5]

"March For Our Lives" doesn't seem to care about all the lives saved by people owning Guns. It doesn't fit their repeal the 2nd Amendment agenda.

March For Our LivesWikipedia advocates for tighter gun control and doesn't advocate for a 2nd Amendment repeal. Branco is putting words into their mouths and is applying the slippery slope fallacy. Also, Branco is overestimating how many lives are saved from gun self-defense; the number is less than 1%.

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  1. Either that or he doesn't understand what it means to repeal something.