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Essay:Brain Beam

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For a moment, Major Molotov had almost had me fooled with his devilish red propaganda. Luckily, Jack Ketch and Owlwoman, my colleagues from the Bulldog Brigade, arrived just in time...

Jack Ketch smiled grimly as he told me how the red rogue had used a Brain Beam to make me doubt my own identity, a fiendish trick that oh so nearly worked.

Luckily, Owlwoman had brought an ultra-vest from her mountain fortress which would drain off the harmful mind-clouding radiation. It was good to have such staunch allies.
—"Big Ben" wigs out at the close of Miracleman, A Dream of Flying, Book 1 (Eclipse, 1988)
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Despite the insane ha ha ha mad ramblings by kooks, weirdos, feeble minded persons and lunatics, we now know that brain beams do exist.

If you can, try to disconnect your computer from the internet and shut it down before you fall asleep. Also try to lock your bedroom door and physically secure your room before you fall asleep. If your computer and/or room is not secure while you are asleep, someone might have electronically broken into your computer or physically broken into your room while you were zapped asleep, or some other psywar hit against you or someone else might have been done while you were zapped asleep.



FBI drug dealers, some of them allegedly FBI bosses, allegedly routinely sell illegal drugs, including methamphetamine speed, sometimes prozac, and allegedly even sometimes cocaine, to their workers. These drugs are allegedly usually bought and sold at work in the FBI building. There is an alleged FBI methamphetamine speed lab in Ohio that allegedly produces the methamphetamine speed, and might have been producing it since at least 1986 when its existence was first tipped off in 1986 many years before the significance of the tipoff was understood.

Most of the brain beam operators in America are probably FBI black ops brain beam operators. (NSA is known to have these beam weapons, and it is reasonable to assume that the CIA has this technology also.) Most of the Washington, DC area FBI black ops beam weapons operators are corrupt criminal speed freaks and they are usually high on methamphetamine speed. At least one documented FBI brain beam weapon operator is also a criminal psychopath, an methamphetamine speed freak, and an illegal drug user.


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Jennifer stated,[1] she had been out jogging on the evening of Tuesday, April 26, 2005. While jogging, she was grabbed by two individuals, a "Hispanic male" and a "White female," in a van and thrown in the back of it. Her hands were then tied with rope. The individuals then placed her on her right side on the floor of the van and made her face the back door. The male then began driving while the female stayed in the back of the van with Jennifer. After approximately thirty minutes, the male pulled the van off to the side of the road and shut the vehicle off. The female took off her pants and underwear but left her shirt on. The female then pulled down Jennifer's pants and underwear, performed oral sex on her, and digitally penetrated her vagina. The female then moved over Jennifer's head and told her to perform oral sex on her. At the same time, the male had gone to the back of the van. He then removed his pants and placed his penis in Jennifer's vagina. According to Jennifer, she performed oral sex on the female until she "had an orgasm." The male pulled his penis from Jennifer's vagina once the female had an orgasm. Jennifer was not sure if the male had ejaculated...