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Fun:Conservative Monopoly

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The Sabbath
(Take a rest)
AFA HQ, Tupelo, MS
Church Bingo Focus on the Family HQ,
Colorado Springs, CO
WorldNetDaily HQ,
Medford, OR
National Guard
Discovery Institute,
Seattle, WA($260)
Christian Coalition HQ
Washington, DC
Institute for Creation Research,
Dallas, TX
Go To Guantanamo Bay, Terrorist!
Creation Museum, KY
   Conservopoly    NRA, HQ,
Fairfax, VA
Museum of Earth History, AR
      Heritage Foundation, Washington DC
Community Chest Community Chest
Holy Land Experience, FL
      Fox News HQ, NY
National Guard
South Carolina
National Guard
Bob Jones University
   Church Bingo
Regent University
      Supreme Court of the US
Poll Tax
Brigham Young University
      1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington DC
   Guantanamo Bay
Just Waterboarding
      Church Bingo    Indiana
National Guard
(Pay 10%
Collect $200
legal retainer
Encino, CA

John Birch Society Headquarters, Appleton, WI
AAPS Headquarters, Tuscon, AZ
Eagle Forum "University"
Andy's Homeschooling Class