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Generation America is a right wing Astroturfing organization that bills itself as a trustworthy alternative to the AARP. It was founded in 2009 as a way of exploiting feeding off the fears of serving members of the Tea Party movement who without a shred of irony -- or seemingly without a scintilla of insight -- were seen marching with protest signs that read "Keep Government hands off my Medicare."[1][2]

Gen A advocates for the typical buzzword bullet points:

  • Small Government
  • Free Enterprise Solutions
  • Personal Freedom

Gen A is operated by Generation American Voice -- or maybe it's the other way around. It really isn't clear which begat which. Gen A-Voice also advocates for a broader slate of bullet point causes:

As a come-on to prospective members, Gen A offers many services offered by AARP, such as insurance and membership discounts.

Gen A tends to limit its advertising to conservative talk radio and magazines. Otherwise, its actions and advocacy is mostly off-the-radar. Its website lists three corporate officers:

  • Michael Young – Chairman
  • Tim Young – Board Member
  • Patrick Boykin – Board Member and Executive Director

There is very little analysis of Gen A available on the internet. Even Wikipedia has no article on Gen A or Gen A-Voice.

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