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Hwang Kyo-ahn

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Hwang Kyo-ahn.
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Hwang "the Angry Old Male[1]" Kyo-ahn (Hangul:황교안, Hanja:黃敎安) (1957–) is a social conservative and far-right populist of South Korea. He was Prime Minister of South Korea from 2015-2017.

He is against homosexuality, and detests LGBT Pride Parades. He advocates for traditional family values, and he also regards abortion as a sin. and Hwang is also a far-right paleoconservative who argues that Park Geun-hye's impeachmentWikipedia was not right.

He said that the number of foreign workers should be reduced, and that they should not be given the same wages as domestic workers.[2]

He also interacted with a young Korean YouTuber who used to make racist remarks against race minorities.

He is as opposed to the press as Donald Trump is, and he criticizes the media for calling his party extreme rightists, and in turn he has called the press extreme leftists.[3]

Hwang Kyo-ahn takes a very ultra-conservative view of South Korea's appalling military human rights violations. Therefore, men in their 20s who are conscripted or who have already been drafted hate Hwang. George Soros was also concerned about the human rights situation in the South Korean military.[4]

He is also very hostile to other minority issues, such as the mentally disabled, and deify his right-wing military dictator, Park Chung-heeWikipedia

He made some claims that President Moon Jae-in is a secret communist. Just think of the American right-wingers pushing the false narrative that Barack Obama is a Muslim.

Hwang Kyo-an was the leader of the 2019 South Korean Capitol riot.[5]

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