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J. Philippe Rushton (1943–2012) was a psychologist and pioneer of hereditarian racialist pseudoscience. He was a professor at the University of Western Ontario from 1977 until he died in 2012.[1] His specific specialty was "differential K theory", a misapplication of the grossly outdated and oversimplified R/K selection theory,Wikipedia which argued that "Negroids" were more r-selected, while "Mongoloids" were more k-selected, with "Caucasoids" in between.[2] He frequently collaborated with Arthur Jensen and the two of them often praised each other's work.[3][4][5]

Even fellow hereditarian, and editor-in-chief of Mankind Quarterly, Edward Dutton, to his chagrin, has come to the conclusion that "he [Rushton] was a liar, he was a fraud, and he was a thug", and all of his research work must be considered suspect.[6][7]

Rushton's research papers have been criticised for confirmation bias, overinterpreting minor trends in data and citing inappropriate sources e.g. "non-scientific sources of evidence, such as semi-pornographic literature (e.g., Penthouse or anonymous notes by "the French Army Surgeon" from 1898)".[8]