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Yellow vest protest in Belfort, France.
Going on strike to protest
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Aux armes, citoyens!

The yellow vests (also known as gilets jaunes in French) is a massive ongoing populist movement that started in France in late 2018, originally to protest the neoliberal policies of president Emmanuel Macron.[1]

Co-opted by the far right[edit]

While the yellow vests includes volunteers from across the political spectrum, some far righters have used this to push their own agenda.[2][3]

Neo-Nazis and anti-semites seized this movement for their own nefarious racist purposes.[4] Just look at the glowing endorsements by the knuckle draggers back at the Daily Stormer.[5]

In Chile, the tiny fraction of people who oppose the ongoing anti-capitalist protests against the Piñera regime (mostly reactionaries, anti-Venezuelan conspiracy theorists, and Pinochet apologists like John Cobin, the American far right "libertarian" and neo-Confederate terrorist who opened fire on a group of peaceful Chilean demonstrators)[6] have adopted the yellow vest as their symbol.[7]

Possible foreign influence[edit]

It is unclear how organic the movement has been, with some suggestion of the Kremlin's involvement.[8]

Demands of the yellow vests[edit]

The yellow vest's demands are mostly supporting a stronger welfare state. They are, of course, opposed to the gas taxes which caused the movement to start, and they oppose the neoliberal reforms of Macron and the governments before him. They also support a popular referendum, a proposal largely influenced by Etienne Chouard, a far-left internet activist and supporter of sortition of political rulers.

Spreading beyond French borders[edit]

The yellow vests also inspired other similar protests to occur in Belgium, Bulgaria, Burkina Faso, Canada, Central African Republic, Croatia, Finland, Germany, Iraq, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Jordan, Lebanon, Netherlands, Pakistan, Portugal, Russia, Serbia, Taiwan, Turkey, and the United Kingdom.[9]


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