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Jews for Jesus proselytizing in Tel Aviv, Israel
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Jews for Jesus is a Christian organization founded by Martin “Moishe” Rosen (1932–2010), a Jewish convert to Christianity. The organization is considered over-domineering[1] and also seemingly contradictory. Jews for Jesus operates in several countries, with an estimated 30,000 to 125,000 adherents worldwide,[2] targeting Jews for conversion to Christianity. The organization takes in about $20 million a year in donations.[3] Jay Sekulow,Wikipedia Chief Counsel of American Center for Law and Justice and personal lawyer for Donald Trump, is perhaps their most famous member.

Invalid claim of Jewishness[edit]

Their claims to being a Jewish organization are overwhelmingly rejected by Jewish religious denominations and their proselytizing activities have caused controversy among several other religious, as well as secular, groups.[4]

Method of conversion[edit]

Potential converts are early on encouraged to think they can become Christians and stay in the Jewish tradition.

"Believing in Jesus," Jews for Jesus publications have proclaimed, "is the most Jewish thing you can do." [5]

Jews for Jesus uses a milk before meat approach. First Jewish potential converts were told that Jesus was the Jewish Messiah. Christians eager to convert a Jew were unlikely to point out that this is contrary to Judaism (see Jewish views of Jesus). Later converts were taught Christian beliefs that are foreign and in some cases incompatible with Judaism such as as original sin, the virgin birth, the doctrine of the Holy Trinity, and the belief that Jesus was god.[6]

Jews for Jesus seems to have responded to criticism because their website, as of February 2012, includes an article claiming the ancient Jewish Zohar included the Christian concept of the Trinity.[7] No such passage in the Zohar exists.[8] Judaism includes the concept of god as three, "secret, hidden 'Wisdom'; above that the Holy Ancient One; and above Him the Unknowable One";[9] these three are different from Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.

The organization is also known for targeting vulnerable populations of Jews. New Jewish immigrants and college freshman as well as senior citizens and interfaith couples are easy targets for the organization."[10]

Abusive cult[edit]

Jews for Jesus has been compared to a cult by some former members due to an authoritarian and 'spiritually abusive environment'.[11][12]

Incomplete list of disciplinary measures[edit]

The work schedule for the cult's paid missionaries was very long, with only 3 hours of private time each day. Workers hoped for a day off after 60 hours of work, but sometimes lost it as a form of discipline. Workers who did not satisfy their superiors were frequently screamed at in private or in front of colleagues. Victims were expected to remain humble and submissive. Workers could be ordered to make donations to their favorite charity, and since pay was low, the loss was a hardship. The organisation felt that it had the right to control the lives of its staff, even telling them whether or not they could marry.[13]

New York[edit]

Since New York City has a large Jewish population, a lot of their proselytizing activity takes place in the New York City area. If you are Jewish and see someone wearing a red shirt with "Y'SHUA" on it, run. Or arm yourself, as appropriate.

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