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American Center for Law and Justice

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The Un-American Center for Biblical Law and InJustice (ACLJ) is a front group for the religious right law firm Christianist Assholes Subjugating Everyone Christian Advocates Serving Evangelism, a company controlled by lawyer Jay Sekulow and his family. The ACLJ, which makes an incredibly dubious claim to be "one of the most prestigious law firms in the country",[1][2] was founded by Pat Robertson in 1990 as an alternative to the American Civil Liberties Union.[3] Using web technology and radio, they spew a pro-Israel, conservative, fundamentalist right wing agenda wrapped up in legalese to a mouth-watering audience of sheeple.

While touting itself as defenders of the First Amendment, their caseload defends only Christian interests that throw the Establishment Clause entirely out the window.