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Last Week Tonight

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Last Week Tonight is a comedy show on HBO hosted by British comedian John OliverWikipedia's W.svg on the week's most important (and often ignored) news. It airs every Sunday at 11 PM, and covers multiple stories in the same episode. The typical format starts with several short pieces on small stories, then the main segment takes up about half of the show and covers one topic in depth. Notable episodes are Net neutrality, Predatory Lending, the Death Penalty, FIFA, Translators, Torture, Online Harassment, Standardized Testing, Transgender Rights(here), Televangelists (where he creates his own church and will be discussed later), Sex Ed (a really good episode), and a number of other topics that somewhere, someone is being cranky about. Their official YouTube channel has every week's main section and a few exclusives.

Our Lady of Perpetual Exemption[edit]

Our Lady of Perpetual Exemption was the one true church name of the parody church that Oliver created to mock televangelists and expose holes in the United States tax code pertaining to churches. In the typical style of televangelists, he asked for seed money so that "great things will happen to you". He even poked fun at the IRS (not his first time doing so, actually).[1] The church was eventually dissolved and all money sent to the charity Médecins Sans FrontièresWikipedia's W.svg (as originally announced), attributing the dissolution to being sent massive bags of seeds, a four-foot-tall wooden dong, and five packets of semen. Really.[2]