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First of all, to God, then to my beloved country. I am ready to be ostracized or persecuted because of this love – love for humanity as a whole. .
—Quiboloy as he smugly looks at himself in the mirror feeling handsome

Apollo Carreon Quiboloy (locally [kɪboˈlɔɪ]; (April 25, 1950–)),[note 2] also known as Pak U PACQ, is a Filipino pastor, cult leader, far-right[1][2] activist and wanted fugitive[3] who founded the Kingdom of Jesus Christ, a Restorationist megachurch based in Davao City, Philippines. A sworn narcissist and crackpot, he styles himself as the "Appointed Son of God" and "the Owner of the Universe", and has made bombastic claims about his divinity, none of which impressed both Philippine[note 3] and U.S. authorities who clearly wanted his head on a silver platter due to his extensive criminal record in the States, including but not limited to allegations of human trafficking, corruption, and child sexual abuse, as well as his dogged evasion of justice in his home country.

A life of kookery[edit]

Quiboloy was born and raised in Davao CityWikipedia to parents of KapampanganWikipedia descent who migrated to Davao following World War II in search of opportunities.[4] He used to be a member of the United Pentecostal ChurchWikipedia prior to making a name for himself by establishing his own congregation in 1985 after a spat with the United Pentecostal Church of the Philippines (UPCP), naming his new sect Kingdom of Jesus Christ, The Name Above Every Name (KJC).[5]

UPC pastor Gordon Mallory recalled his experiences with the young Quiboloy during the late 1960s. Mallory, who previously mentored Quiboloy, described him as someone who “went from a pauper, a beggar, to a multi-billionaire,” with a “lifestyle of the rich and famous.” According to him, the Quboloys were about as dirt-poor as the impoverished folk who now come to him in hopes of blessings; Quiboloy and his family once lived in a nipa hut and used to beg for food, and he also suffered from tooth decay as a young man. Mallory then took the young Quiboloy under his wing and had his decaying teeth treated in exchange for studying at a Bible school. Mallory then lamented on how Quiboloy lost his way:

He developed into a wonderful preacher and became our national youth president... But somewhere along the line, he tripped up, left our organization, formed his own, and became something he really isn’t, but he really started to lift himself up…. He turned his back on the apostolic truth…[6]

The world is yours, or so you think.[edit]

I can't blame you if you mistook this megachurch for a casino in Las Vegas.

Having gained prominence especially in his native Davao, Quiboloy claims to have amassed over six million followers across 200 countries.[7] His televangelism has also unsurprisingly enabled him to acquire assets and venture into industries such as media production and sports management through Sonshine Media Network InternationalWikipedia and Sonshine Sports Management,Wikipedia as well as what amounts to his answer to Iglesia ni Cristo's Philippine Arena called the KJC King Dome.Wikipedia[8] Quiboloy's influence allowed him to forge connections with prominent politicians in the country, portraying himself as a kingmaker anointing political leaders to be voted by his flock; his family's support for Ferdinand Marcos's dictatorial regime also led him to his friendship and endorsement of Ferdinand "Bongbong" Marcos, Jr., Ferdinand's son and current top honcho at the Malacañang Palace.[9]

And with his senior posting at the megachurch he founded also came in the batshit crazy crankery, having developed a narcissistic god complex by appointing himself as a self-styled messiah, apparently not content with his status as a mere pastor unlike fellow Filipino televangelists Mike VelardeWikipedia and Eddie Villanueva.Wikipedia[note 4] Quiboloy cultivated a cult of personality centred on himself and his purported status as the Messiah.[10] As such, he had the gall to make bombastic claims about how he is able to control the weather and earthquakes at his command, claiming to have halted the 2019 Cotabato earthquakesWikipedia after yelling "Stop!"[11] He also stated that he did not do the same to stop the onslaught of Typhoon Kammuri (Tisoy) in response to those critical of his earlier claim in stopping the Cotabato earthquakes.[12] He also went so far as to make narcissistic claims that the Omicron variant of the COVID-19 virus was spreading due to the "persecuting, prosecuting and maligning" he received from the public, especially in light of the FBI investigations and US government sanctions levelled against him.[13] Some scholars, particularly parish priest and exorcist Ambrosio Nonato Legaspi, note that new religious movements such as those of Quiboloy's employ a form of doublethink by basing their teachings on what amounts to shaky theology "through ambiguity, definitional reversals, and deliberate imprecision." That is, Quiboloy virtually claims being God but none of his followers think he is.[14]

According to investigative reports, the KJC's business model revolves around soliciting donations from his flock–a significant portion of which are those below the poverty line–who are compelled to give much of their earnings to the church supposedly as an easy ticket to salvation–even if it meant putting themselves and their friends and family at the mercy of Quiboloy's mores and thus in deep debt.[15] It reportedly got to the point that even children are involved,[15][16] sometimes instructing them to feign disability or even leave school for them to gather funds which ultimately funnel through their Grand Poobah.[15] Some of these solicitors were allegedly sent to the United States to con unsuspecting Americans under the pretence of charitable efforts, and were promised a permanent stay through unscrupulous means such as arranging for sham marriages.[17] Predictably for a televangelist and megachurch head, the earnings from his congregation allowed him to invest in lavish properties such as mansions in Canada, and Los Angeles (presumably in the affluent Beverly Hills district) worth $6.10 million (₱338 million), similar properties in Hawaii and Las Vegas worth $4.73 million (₱262.52 million)[18] as well as luxury vehicles such as a “brand new Bentley and a Mercedes,” private jets and helicopters,[19] on top of the aforementioned ventures in broadcasting and sports management.[6]

Sonshine with cloudy skies[edit]

They said he never be ballin.

His propaganda news media arm, Sonshine Media Network International (SMNI), which Quiboloy has also used to spew out hagiographic praise of his supposed achievements,[20] gained criticism from watchdog and media groups for its alleged far-right bias,[1] peddling of fake news[21][22][23] and "red-tagging" against individuals and groups critical of the Duterte administration,[24] having also been complicit with its role in spreading misinformation about the 2022 Philippine elections as well as the broadcast shutdown of media conglomerate ABS-CBN,Wikipedia of which former president Rodrigo Duterte spuriously accused of bias and illicit foreign connections.[25] Despite claims that Quiboloy has no ownership interest in the network and is merely a blocktimer,[26] it is glaringly evident that he holds a controlling stake in the station, from the shell company Phoebus Capital Holdings Inc. whose name is a reference to another name for the Greco-Roman deity Apollo, to the head silhouette on the SMNI logo evoking that of Quiboloy himself.[27]

SMNI's troubles doesn't stop there, however: flagrant violations of provisions set for the network prompted legislators to file bills proposing the revocation of SMNI's broadcast franchise, particularly unauthorised changes to their corporate structure as well as allegations of spreading fake news such as when SMNI spuriously alleged that House Speaker Martin RomualdezWikipedia had spent 1.8 billion pesos (roughly around $32 million) for his travels,[28] resulting in the detention of two of the hosts of the talk show Laban Kasama ang Bayan (Fight With the Nation) who were cited in contempt by the House after one of its hosts–Jeffrey Celiz–refused to reveal his source for his claim regarding Romualdez.[29] Not helping matters was when the Rodrigo Duterte-hosted talk show Gikan sa Masa, para sa MasaWikipedia (From the Masses, for the Masses) was suspended by the Movie and Television Review and Classification BoardWikipedia (MTRCB) when Duterte went by his usual self and made televised death threats against Alliance of Concerned Teachers Rep. France Castro in two separate episodes: October 10 and November 16, despite an initial warning already being issued by the MTRCB on November 8.[30] In response to these violations, the National Telecommunications CommissionWikipedia (NTC) issued a thirty-day suspension order against SMNI, which was later made indefinite when the network failed to comply with an earlier show cause order.[31]

SMNI's suspension inevitably led to speculation about the beleaguered ABS-CBN,[32] whose broadcast franchise was previously revoked on Duterte's (indirect) orders supposedly as a favour to his crony and confidante; a number of netizens expressed their desire for authorities to reinstate ABS-CBN's franchise in exchange for SMNI to be kicked off the airwaves for good.[33] Such rumours about the possible reinstatement of ABS-CBN's franchise still remain unsubstantiated however, and were linked by the Philippine Star to unscrupulous "trending news" content farms on social media spreading out-of-context or patently false news to gullible Filipino netizens for clout and ad revenue.[34]

Kicked by a campy horse[edit]

In 2019, prominent gay comedian Vice GandaWikipedia satirised Quiboloy's faux divinity by challenging him to take Ang ProbinsyanoWikipedia, a police procedural aired by ABS-CBN since 2015, off the air.[35] ABS-CBN's broadcast franchise was revoked the following year, with which Quiboloy claimed victory.[36]

He's not the Messiah, he's a very naughty boy[edit]

As much as I would like to participate in every debate and public forum related to my bid for the presidency, I am compelled to decline the invitation of SMNI, which is owned by Apollo Quibuloy, who, according to the US government, has molested and abused children. I cannot, in good conscience, be part of any activity organized by a man wanted for detestable crimes and who unconscionably used the name of the Lord in vain for religious scams.
Manny Pacquiao, in a stopped clock moment denouncing Quiboloy.
Quiboloy's ugly mug as prepared for him by the FBI.

As if his crankery wasn't enough, a number of former KJC members broke their silence and accused Quiboloy of various offences,[37] including but not limited to human trafficking, child abuse and rape.[38] This led to the United States Department of Justice indicting Quiboloy and other church members in 2021, with the Federal Bureau of Investigation following suit by including him in the Most Wanted list.[39] In December 2022, the US Department of Justice and Department of State imposed sanctions against Quiboloy for human rights abuses and corruption, with key assets owned by Quiboloy in the States seized pursuant to the US Global Magnitsky Act.Wikipedia[40]

The indictment claims that Quiboloy allegedly coerced girls as young as eleven[41] and young women to have sex with him, as well as running a sex trafficking operation that threatened victims under the pain of "eternal damnation" should the victims refuse to comply.[7] Paedophilia aside, the Feds also questioned Quiboloy's wealth — whose assets also include luxury vehicles, real estate, firearms[42] and private jets — which they alleged to have been ill-gotten through prostitution and corruption of church funds.[38][7]

Further adding fuel to the fire was when the Philippines' Department of Tourism featured Quiboloy on their Facebook page when they promoted their "Love The Philippines" tourism campaign meant to stimulate the tourism industry which was previously impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, all despite backlash concerning Quiboloy's alleged sex offences.[43]

In a stopped clock moment, fellow fundie kook and former boxer Manny Pacquiao declined an invitation by Quiboloy to participate in a debate for the 2022 Philippine presidential electionWikipedia, citing Quiboloy's past sex offences.[44] Quiboloy went apeshit and filed a libel suit against the ex-pugilist, which was dismissed by Davao City prosecutors due to lack of evidence.[45]

In January 2024, some of the above-mentioned ex-KJC members appeared before a Philippine Senate hearing where they testified against the pastor, alleging that they were coerced and eventually sexually assaulted. A woman going by the alias of "Amanda" recounted in graphic detail on how she was recruited by Quiboloy's ministry and allegedly molested by the pastor himself,[46] and at least two "pastorals"[note 5] of Ukrainian descent, going under the aliases "Nina" and "Sofia", also accused Quiboloy of coercing them to "sacrifice everything, including [their bodies]."[47] Unsurprisingly, Quiboloy snubbed the hearing despite being summoned to explain his situation,[48] even going to far as to belittling the investigations and daring senator Risa HontiverosWikipedia to summon and aid his accusers into suing him.[49]

Son of God vs Laughing Indian Meme Man[edit]

In June 2023, Indian-Canadian YouTuber Mutahar "Muta" Anas, best known for running the gaming commentary channel SomeOrdinaryGamers, filed a complaint against Quiboloy's YouTube accounts to YouTube staff via Twitter, having stumbled upon Quiboloy and learning about the FBI warrant for his arrest.[50] Google later clarified in a statement that the ban was in compliance with existing US government sanctions against Quiboloy.[51] This was later followed by similar bans on several other accounts owned and/or affiliated with Quiboloy, such as the SMNI News and Kingdom of Jesus Christ channels, again in compliance with existing sanctions;[52] They attempted to dodge sanctions by creating an alternate account for SMNI shortly after the previous ban on their old channel, but said alt account was also banned a few days later,[53] though there exists a few more accounts that appear to be affiliated with Quiboloy and/or SMNI to some degree;[54][55][56] it's only a matter of time before YouTube gets around to cleaning house and purging the accounts in question. There also existed an SMNI News mobile app for Android platforms[57][58] but it appears to have been also delisted likely in compliance with sanctions.[59]

Surprisingly enough, even TikTok joined in on the banning spree, as they terminated Quiboloy's presence on their platform on July 5, 2023, citing existing US sanctions.[60] As to whether the now-Elon Musk owned Twitter X will follow suit is anyone's guess; the latter certainly gave Quiboloy leniency because of Musk's committment to Freeze Peach, though. Meta on the other hand complied and banned at least some of Quiboloy's accounts on their Facebook and Instagram platforms,[61] later clarifying in a statement with Rappler that the ban was due to violations of their policies regarding "Dangerous Organizations and Individuals" as outlined in their terms of service. This also extends to third parties showing support or representation of Quiboloy and/or any organisations associated with him.[62]

This is following an earlier deplatforming action against the SMNI News Facebook page which was suspended over community guidelines violations, likely due to misinformation allegedly peddled by Quiboloy's media arm.[25][63]

Quiboloy remains unfazed however,[64] again playing the persecution card and claiming that the channel takedown was an act of "political and religious persecution" from American authorities, never mind the fact that the rash of complaints was sparked by a tweet from a Canadian content creator who otherwise had nothing to do with him and was compelled to make the filing on Quiboloy out of concern for the sex offences the pastor allegedly committed.[65] He along with SMNI later created accounts on the alt-tech video sharing site Rumble which he described as a "cancel culture-free" service,[66] though it is doubtful at best for major telecom providers in the Philippines to subsidise access to such webshites like what they do with mainstream social media platforms, thereby limiting their audience even further.[note 6]

Der Untergang[edit]

He saved others; let him save himself if he is God’s Messiah, the Chosen One.
Luke 23:35

In response to numerous legal complaints against Quiboloy and his business ventures, the Philippine House of Representatives gave him an ultimatum to show up at a legislative hearing concerning SMNI's franchise as well as allegations of sexual abuse lest be arrested for contempt of court;[68] it even got to the point that the Catholic Bishops Conference of the PhilippinesWikipedia have had enough of Quiboloy's antics and urged him to stand trial.[69][70] Quiboloy brazenly remained defiant and went into hiding, alleging in a recorded message that the FBI, along with the CIA, the US Embassy, and US State Department were colluding with Ferdinand "Bongbong" Marcos, Jr.Wikipedia – his erstwhile ally and the one whom he staunchly endorsed during the 2022 presidential elections – and were out to assassinate him;[71] Romualdez debunked said claims of a conspiracy between the US government and Marcos, however, maintaining that they were "unfounded and divert attention from the serious legal matters at hand."[72]

With Uncle Sam closing in on him by way of California district judge Terry J. Hatter Jr.,Wikipedia who unsealed the arrest warrants against the embattled pastor,[73] it's only a matter of time for Mr. Apollo to submit himself to the authorities, as much as his lawyers[74] as well as his Senate lackeys Robin Padilla, Imee Marcos, Cynthia Villar, and Bong Go expressed their objections to have Quiboloy prosecuted.[75] Said senators who came to the defence of Quiboloy reasoned that they're objecting to the prosecution either because they're good friends with the pastor as in the case of Cynthia Villar,[76] or that putting a religious figure under legal scrutiny is, according to Robin Padilla, a breach of separation of church and state,[note 7][77] never mind the fact that said separation has been violated countless times in the country, more often than not as concessions for both the Roman Catholic Church (e.g. in issues such as divorce and abortion) and Islam with the creation of the BangsamoroWikipedia region and recognition of Sharia law, amongst others. Following mounting legal pressure against him, Quiboloy entrusted Rodrigo Duterte to administer his numerous properties.[78]

In a show of utter desperation, Quiboloy went on a long-winded tirade on April 6, 2024, again reiterating his claim that the American authorities are colluding with Marcos and tearfully sneered that they'll never take him alive and he will die as a martyr a la Jose RizalWikipedia and Andres Bonifacio:Wikipedia "Here, my blood will be shed. Here, I will die. Let it be, as long as it’s a Filipino who kills me. That’s OK with me,"[79][80] also insinuating that authorities would assassinate him in perhaps much the same way as what befell many of Vladimir Putin's opponents, i.e. death under suspicious circumstances.[80] He did, however, assure that he is ready to face charges so as long as Bongbong would guarantee that there wouldn't be any interference on part of the Americans;[81][82] Bongbong no-sold Quiboloy's demands, however, dismissing these as mere "tail wagging".[83] Marcos also assured Quiboloy that the proceedings held for the embattled pastor would be fair. When asked about concerns regarding Quiboloy's extradition, he stated, "That's going to take years. So I don't think that it is something he should worry about."[84] Duterte later claimed in an interview that he wanted nothing to do with his friend's case, stating "You’re wanted, don’t drag me into this,"[85] and even provided some speculation on Quiboloy's possible hideouts,[86] but knowing him, it could be yet another one of those doublethink theatrics of his.

On April 2024 the Philippine National Police (PNP) admitted that they were struggling to find the elusive pastor, publicly appealing to him to just give it up and face the music,[87] though there have been sightings of what appeared to be Quiboloy's helicopter sighted in the highlands of Sarangani where Quiboloy was said to have started his ministry.[88] Quiboloy's case was later ordered by the Supreme Court of the PhilippinesWikipedia to be transferred from Davao to Quezon City in an effort to avoid miscarriage of justice.[89]

A month later, the PNP conducted another raid at Quiboloy's residences in an attempt to arrest him, again to no avail. Duterte cried afoul of the move, and in a peak moment of irony, called the police action "overkill",[90] never mind the fact that he has historically used both police and vigilante resources to wage his war on drugs with reckless disregard to human rights.[91][92]

On 8 July 2024, Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG) Secretary Benjamin Abalos Jr. announced that a group of private individuals pooled together a ₱10 million (roughly $170,000) bounty for the arrest of Quiboloy, with his still-fugitive cohorts each having a ₱1 million ($17,000) bounty as well. This was also alongside the potential legal liability Duterte is facing for allegedly coddling the embattled pastor especially given their mutual friendship.[93] The ₱10 million bounty was soon topped by a ₱15 million (roughly $256,000) reward offered by the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG).[94]

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