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Stephen Glass

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Stephen Glass (born 1972) is a former journalist, famous for falsifying dozens of stories over his time at The New Republic magazine. Industrious and creative, he invented sensational accounts of drunken rapists at conservative conventions, absurd tales of teenage hackers, and other stories that had no backing in reality; he would eventually acknowledge that 27 of the 41 pieces he wrote for The New Republic had been fabricated either in part or in whole, with similar freelance lies also making their way into the pages of George and Harper's.[1]

In the years after the scandal, Glass wrote a fictionalized version of the affair, entitled The Fabulist.[2] The story was also depicted in the 2003 film Shattered Glass.

Glass has since completed law school, but has been repeatedly denied a license to practice law in both New York and California. He has appealed the latter decision to the California Supreme Court.[3] A gifted liar, now a lawyer. What a stretch.