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Keith Ellison

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Ellison on the campaign trail in 2006.

Keith Ellison is a Democratic representative from Minnesota, but is better known as a Muslim terrorist the first Muslim elected to Congress. In response to those howling how our Founding Fathers would be apoplectic at a Muslim in Congress, he took his oath of office using a Qur'an owned by Thomas Jefferson.

As a young man he was a Louis Farrakhan sympathizer, but has greatly moderated his views since that time; of course, his opponents take great care to make a lot of noise about the former and not to mention the latter. According to former Fox News talk show host Glenn Beck, Keith Ellison shouldn't be trusted because all Muslims are terrorists.[1] Despite what his holy books say, Ellison is strongly in favor of LGBT rights.[2]

In 2016 Ellison, along with Hillary Clinton intimate adviser Huma Abedin appeared in an Islamic State hit list for the crime of apostasy to (their variant of) Islam.

After the 2016 election debacle, Keith Ellison launched a campaign to become the new Chairman of the Democratic National Committee.[3]

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