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Q: The Plan To Save The World is a short documentary video on YouTube about an alleged cabal of high-profile criminals (known in English as "government officials") that control the United States government and are effectively ruining everything, and how QAnon is going to save humanity from the cabal. The video was uploaded on 25 June 2018 by an insane man who calls himself Joe M. The video gained over a million views before his account was terminated.[1] Although it is surprisingly well received by the poor edgy teenagers and clueless boomers who watched it, it is full of errors, lies, and bullshit. Owing to its relation to a conspiracy theory, it is naturally chock full of fallacies as well as a lot of ignored facts and general nonsense. It is topped off with a Donald Trump worship/personality-cult narrative. While the video never specifically says anything about Jewish involvement in this conspiracy against the good of all humanity, it all sounds suspiciously similar to cultural Marxism.


The United States government is ruled by a cabal of evil bad guys who really hate America. They are the cause of every war and all the debt that you can not pay off. They only exist to gain profit, and they will do anything to protect their masses of wealth. Their most valuable tactic is distraction: sowing division between the people of the United States, whether it be between blacks and whites, Christians and Muslims, men and women, young and old. In order to protect their own interests, the cabal also targets the very things that make humanity strong, specifically the family unit. We swear we aren't talking about cultural Marxism. Every time the interests of the cabal are threatened, they use their power to either distract the public or kill whoever is targeting them. Remember John F. Kennedy? Yeah, cabal killed that guy, and they also tried to kill Ronald Reagan but they missed.

The majority of the presidents since the days of Kennedy were all criminals who form the cabal, and every time a president tried to do something good that opposed the cabal, they got killed. But now, a person who has never committed a crime in his entire life has taken the presidency of the United States of America. Known only as Trump, he outright refused to work for the cabal, and he is going to help all the American patriots destroy the cabal. The cabal was even in power in North Korea until very recently. The reason Kim Jong Un, a very peaceful and down-to-earth person, was willing to come forward to negotiate an end to the Korean War was because he was the first leader of North Korea to throw off the cabal influence.

As time goes on, the cabal will lose influence, but only if people keep being woke. The good QAnon people who work in the CIA, FBI, NSA, and all the other spooky government agencies will help expose all the secrets that the big bad evil guys are trying to hide from the public. Really. We swear that people with the ability to reason will eat these reputable facts up.

Joe M[edit]

Joe M is a batshit-crazy man. He is scared of electronics.[2] Electronics are feeding his information to the cabal. Cabal is bad. Electronics is bad. We must break the electronics. Not only is he crazy, but he is also a walking oxymoron. In his hit documentary, he said that sowing division and hatred between differing parties is one of the strongest weapons of the cabal. But it is obvious how divisive and biased this guy is towards the right. The only conclusion is that Joe M himself is a weapon of the cabal and must be eliminated, but given that we are ignoring contradictions, we will spare him.

Even though he speaks positively of "good people" in his video, there are considerable examples of him not being a very nice guy on Twitter.[3] He calls out the crimes of former presidents while conveniently ignoring Trump's shady dealings. He Tweets the "#ClintonBodyCount" hashtag while also conveniently ignoring the ever more relevant "#KurdsBetrayedByTrump" hashtag.[4] He refuses to change his worldview even when hit with video evidence.[5] According to him, it is "not good optics for Republicans to blindly agree to everything Trump does," despite the given examples of him conveniently ignoring all the things Trump did that he accuses other officials of.[6]

He never mentioned Jews in his video, and he does not ever specifically mention them in his demented rants. He creatively circumvents Twitter's hate speech algorithms by replacing the infamous (((triple parentheses))) with single brackets: typing [they] rather than (((they))).[7] He never specifically says who "they" are (besides the "Cabal"), but it's pretty obvious who he is talking about. According to his Twitter bio, he believes that humans are not naturally prone to conflict. This is also blamed on [them], because apparently humans never fought with each other until the Jews formed the cabal and began turning humans against each other circa 200,000 BCE. This concept of an ideal world where humans are all at peace with one another may sound similar to the idea of globalism, but make no mistake: globalism is the bad thing that Q is trying to avoid.

The more you try to understand his ideas, the less sense they make. It is thus important to reject all forms of rational and independent thinking when trying to understand his message. This appears to be a recurring theme shared by all conspiracy theorists. If you disagree with anything Joe M says or thinks, your opinion is based on "fake news". If you think his ideas are stupid, you are a troll. If any fact goes against his ideas, it is due to the cabal. So basically, he is untouchable. You better not try arguing with this guy.

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