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Hay House is a publishing firm dedicated to dumbing down humanity as much as possible. The basic business plan is pretty solid. Hay House collects all the craziest "self-help" authors and gurus and funnels them into what amounts to a giant for-profit cult. Not only does it publish books, movies, and CDs, but it also sponsors tours and recruitment forums, as there aren't enough authors spitting out book length bull-dust for the plethora of humans who'll believe anything.[1] It has its own radio show where you can listen 24/7 to brain rotting drivel.[2]

Most of the Hay House works focus on quantum woo and spinoffs from the Law of Attraction. Essentially, claiming that the Universe is a giant intelligent quantum energy field and that our "thoughts" or "DNA" can cause this quantum field to manifest whatever we want, whether it be money, sex, or the cure for any disease.

Hay House was founded in the early 1980s by Louise Hay after several of her self-help tracts met with enough publishing success to finance other publications.

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