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Tim the Enchanter

By the powers of woo
Not to be confused with the educational reformer for whom the Cambridge college[1] is named or with the Daily Telegraph reporter and founder-member of the Contemporary Women Writers' Club.

Lucy Cavendish, allegedly a "natural white witch"[2][dead link][3][dead link] will happily take your cash in exchange for teaching you how "to work with the practical skills of natural magic and the cycles of nature in ways that are positive, empowering, and for the highest good of all."[4][dead link] In other words - a woomeister.


She is the author of White Magic, The Lost Lands, The Oracle of the Dragonfae, The Wild Wisdom of the Faery Oracle, Oracle of Shadows and Light, Oracle of the Shapeshifters, and more.

"The Lost Lands" will introduce you to "A Magickal History of Lemuria, Atlantis & AvalonWikipedia," and will help discover which of these mythical lands best suits you personally. You can also find out about connections between dolphins and mermaids and a great deal more, and it will only cost you just under $25.[5]

"White Magic" appears to use time travel because the book "reclaims the ancient messages and teachings of White Magicians from Avalon, Atlantis and the future". The book can bring healing and happiness to you and your loved ones,[6] and all that for just under $35.[7] Despite the book being published in 2007 as of late 2012 reviews are at best thin on the ground, that is odd for a best seller.

Any suggestion that these books are "best-sellers" is a matter of faith, as Cavendish provides no verification.


Have you been searching for something “grounded, transformative, powerful and inspirational"? if you have Cavendish's course may be for you.

This six-week course contains clear magical lessons inherent to witchcraft each week that share positive holistic practices that have an impact on spiritual growth, and our daily life. This course will teach you how to work with moon cycles, goddesses and gods, the elemental realms, and will clarify and strengthen your own personal magical talents and skills. By practicing magic and natural witchcraft, you can create and sustain a life full of meaning, purposeful manifestation, self-love, and soul-opportunity.

Topics and subjects to be abused:

  • Understand the ancient roots of the white magical path
  • Optimise your relationship with the elements
  • Lunar phases, and their profound impact on clearing and manifestation
  • Synch into divine timing with the energy cycles and holy days of our Universe and Planet
  • Be supported by inspirational and protective deities
  • How to create sacred space both within you, and in the world around you[4]

For $75, you get: 6 weeks of video, audio, class notes and private class forum. While some of you managed to hold on to your cash last time around, Lucy is running this wonderful course of magic again, beginning solstice (21st June) at Creative Witchery.

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