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Gather 'round the campfire
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Urban legends
Stranger: You suck.
Me: You don’t even KNOW ME so that’s not an ACCURATE APPRAISAL but merely a LUCKY GUESS!

Luck is an abstract concept, based on incorrect assumptions about probability. It is a superstition and effectively a belief in a supernatural force that makes random events "favor" those who benefit from such events.

It is very often characterized, objectified, and personified, even if not attributed to any deity. Luck may 'favor' an individual, or luck may turn into a quality or even just a force that a person may possess. Some people attempt to improve their luck by being in possession of so-called "lucky charms", essentially a physical object that when worn, rubbed, or brandished is believed to help influence a favorable outcome. These objects can be anything the believer can come up with: a rabbit's foot, a frequently worn pair of underwear, a penny, a particular team's towel (when you want to affect the outcome of a sporting event in the particular team's favor), or anything that can easily held or carried.[2] Luck is often said to 'turn' or change its allegiance when an unexpected outcome occurs, regardless of the circumstances.

Despite a lack of modern widespread belief in polytheistic deities like Fortuna (Roman) or Tyche (Greek), a 'Lady Luck' is referred to fairly commonly even in modern day, even by monotheists.

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  2. Goats are notoriously difficult to carry around.