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Yahweh is a woman with a sexier body and face than Marilyn Monroe.
Jesus, crucified, is a masochist who feels pleasure through pain.
—Ma Kwang Soo.[1]

Ma Kwang-soo (마광수; 馬光洙) (1951–2017) was a professor and novelist from South Korea.

He was the first intellectual to call for sexual liberation in a highly conservative South Korean society in the pursuit of sexuality.

He has argued that the novel was a proxy excretion of his desire. He despised those who discussed spiritual values without the liberation of the body and free sex. He was the first person in South Korea to actively shed light on women's sexuality and sexual desire through the erotic novel.

Ma Kwang-soo was criticized by the nation's mainstream conservative, mainstream liberal, and mainstream feminists. Conservatives during his lifetime accused Ma Kwang-soo of causing AIDS and seducing young people into the corrupt path of sex. Mainstream liberals and feminists criticized that him for the objectification of women. (He said he was not a feminist, because mainstream feminists in Korea did not support sexual liberation.)

The level he criticizes progressives and feminists, he levels did not as strong as criticizing conservatives, but he criticized mainstream liberals and feminists because they thought they were trying to suppress male sexuality. He argued that the problem was 'sexual conservatism' and that sexual objectification was not the problem. He strongly argued that the "body only is true" for a lifetime. Ma Kwang-soo's claim was the perfect opinion to be ostracized in South Korea, which has a culture that believes spiritual values overtake material or physical values!

Ma defended Wilhelm Reich's ideas about sexual freedom, but he did not agree with Reich's pseudoscientific ideas[2], saying, "Korean society is extremely negative about physical sex, and that is why people have become obsessed with honor and lust, leading to authoritarian society, and that discrimination against the socially weak and culture of obedience to the strong are also related to this sexual oppression." In fact, unlike most developed countries, South Korea is a country where even pornography is illegal.

Ma Kwang-soo criticized, "A society where sexual oppression is rampant during one's lifetime, or a society where sexual oppression is not seen on the outside, but where sexual desire is not properly resolved, causes fascism." In fact, many of the far-right supporters are men without sexual partners.[3]

During his lifetime, he thought of the May 1968 events in FranceWikipedia very positively and thought that Korea needed it, too.[4] He attributed the 1968 protests to the creation of a society in which Western countries would be more egalitarian. He claimed that prior to the 1968 protests, Western society was so discriminatory and authoritarian that it was no different from the non-Western region.

Ma Kwang-soo defended the legalization of abortion, pornography, prostitution, and Real Doll and urged the South Korean government to stop its crackdown on sexual media.

He died in an apparent suicide in September 2017. He was a virtual outcast in the Korean literary world before his life ended, but his depression-induced suicide set the stage for reevaluation of him. He was the first intelligent person in South Korea to discuss sexual liberation.


His only blemish was positive about TKM and he was very interested.[5] he doesn't know much about medicine.

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