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Michael Emin Salla is a pseudoscholar and UFO nut who created the branch of wingnuttery known as Exopolitics. According to this fantasy, extraterrestrial intelligence has been involved in human affairs since at least the 1950s, and various treaties exist governing human/alien relations.


Salla was born in Melbourne on 25 September 1958. He obtained a bachelor's degree from Melbourne Uni in 1983, and a Ph.D. (Government Affairs) from Queensland Uni ten years later. After teaching appointments at various Oz institutions, he was appointed Asst. Professor in the Peace and Conflict Resolution Program, School of International Service, American University, Washington, D.C. in 1996.

He authored a couple of dozen articles on conflict resolution topics in academic journals in the 1990s, then invented "exopolitics", moved to Kalapana, Hawaii[note 1], and went into the popular book biz, mostly self-published.

He is listed as course instructor at the Exopolitics Institute, along with journalist Paola Harris and former lawyer Manuel Lamiroy. The institute offers a so-called "Galactic Diplomacy Certificate," among other scamsqualifications. Cost of that course is $1500 plus extras for seminar tuition — a trivial investment, really, when one considers what an asset such a certificate would be if applying for a job in, say, corporate management.[note 2]


"Galactic diplomacy" — which I use as a synonym for "exodiplomacy" — is not mere speculation from the pen of futurists or science fiction writers. It is currently a highly classified national security program where a select group of authorized government, military and corporate officials are secretly meeting to discuss extraterrestrial life and technology. In some case, these officials are communicating directly with representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations.
—Introduction to Galactic Diplomacy
These policies are implemented in highly classified compartmentalized programs with strict need-to-know security provisions in place. ... [T]he vast majority of government, military and corporate officials are simply out of the loop on the extraterrestrial issue.

So if this is such a cosmic secret, how come some random loony in Hawaii knows about it?


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  1. On the Big Island, South coast
  2. For some values of "asset".