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Exopolitics is a fancy term for "extraterrestrial politics" (the Greek prefix "exo-" means "outside" or "external" — compare exoplanet). As no extraterrestrial life has been discovered yet, let alone extraterrestrial life capable of politics, this is the domain of cranks and nutjobs some really weird people. It's the result of what happens when beliefs progress beyond the simple fascination with UFOs ("there's no other explanation for UFOs, therefore they must be alien spacecraft") well into true believer territory ("of course we know that there are multiple alien races!").

The term has been used to denote two slightly different things — the alleged dealings of aliens with Earth politicians and the science fiction-like tales of alien wars and alliances. If this sounds vaguely familiar, both meanings form a lot of the plot of The X-Files. It includes various well-known myths about Roswell/Area 51 and the US government, e.g. Michael Salla's claim that Eisenhower met aliens, and Salla's book explaining how "since at least the 1930s every major war and policy decision has been in response to an undisclosed extraterrestrial presence on Earth".[1] Salla has attempted to link QAnon to alien control of human institutions.[2] David Icke's conspiracy theory about reptilian aliens controlling the world is another example.

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