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Fallacy Files is a collection of fallacies by Gary N. Curtis, Ph.D. in philosophy from Indiana University in Bloomington,[1] who started the collection "about twenty-five years ago".[2] As of 13 November 2015, the website has 86 unique and in-depth pages of fallacies. The site is, unfortunately, not extremely popular,[3] although it is frequently linked to from RationalWiki, Wikipedia, and Reddit.

In addition, the website has several generally useful pages:

  • How to use the Fallacy Files[4]
  • New Taxonomy of Logical Fallacies[5] (and how to use it)[6]
  • Old Taxonomy of Logical Fallacies[7]
  • Glossary of philosophical and logical terms[8]
  • What is a logical fallacy?[9]

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