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Dave Cullen, better known as Computing Forever, is an Irish YouTube talker who holds reactionary[1][2][3] and ultra-nationalist views.

As of July 2019, Computing Forever had around 404,000 subscribers and over 96 million views.[4]


Originally known as LACK78 on YouTube before the name change, Dave used to do reviews on tech products (hence the name).[5] He has since moved onto being a Sargon Of Akkad clone, very original.



See the main article on this topic: Abortion

Dave Cullen is against abortion, believing that a fetus is equivalent to a human being and therefore abortion is equivalent to murder. In the video he made about the topic, he attempted to refute the common argument that a fetus is not alive until it can feel pain, grow on its own, maintain homeostasis and do most of the other things which are required under the scientific definition of life. He responds to this argument by saying "my argument is to get here (a 30 week fetus) you have to start here (a zygote)". No word yet on whether he believes that lonely 16-year old boys should be arrested for murder or if women should throw a funeral every month.[1]


See the main article on this topic: Brexit

He also heavily backs Brexit, because immigrants and an overarching EU conspiracy (of course).[6][7][8][9][10]

Gay marriage

See the main article on this topic: Same-sex marriage

Cullen voted no in the Irish same-sex marriage referendum based on the scientifically debunked[11] idea that children need a mother and a father to develop properly. In the same video he fear-mongers about how gay marriage will lead to children being indoctrinated into liberal ideology. For this he cites a NaturalNews article about Safe Schools Coalition Australia (even though Australia hadn't legalised same-sex marriage at the time), giving out inappropriate resources to children. In reality the organisation did no such thing. The resources he talked about were given to teenagers while children were merely told gay and trans people existed and it was wrong to bully them for being that way.[12] He also links to a myriad of other far right sources to back up his slippery slope argument.[13]


See the main article on this topic: Feminism

Cullen, like many in the YouTube skeptosphere, is against feminism, believing that it will lead to Communism and eventually the end of civilization itself. His argument on how feminism will lead to communism is a standard use of the Chewbacca Defense (trying to overwhelm the viewer with as many nonsensical arguments as possible to the point where nobody could realistically refute them all in a short time span).[14] His argument on why feminism will lead to the end of civilization is based on an actual scientific study — performed on rats. Rats have a very rigid gender hierarchy that is different from humans',[15] and therefore, his ideas cannot be extrapolated properly from this experiment. Humans are a species which have had stable matriarchal,[16] patriarchal and gender-egalitarian societies.[17]

Mainstream media

See the main article on this topic: Mainstream media

Cullen likes to talk about the evils of the mainstream media and how it is brainwashing us into being liberals and socialists![18][19] How refreshing. Aside from beating a dead horse, the examples given for this are ridiculous. He paints MSNBC as liars due to them reporting on Trump cutting contraception requirements for insurance companies and rolling back equal pay protections, something that he actually did. [20][21]


Cullen also praised Poland (you know, the country with the high amount of immigrants that went to Britain which triggered the entire Eurosceptic movement)[22], for the same reasons a lot of the alt-right do (not because of their economy or any actual indicators of a successful country, but because of their euroscepticism and opposition to refugees and immigrants). What they ignore is polls suggesting that most Polish people want their country to remain in the EU and to take in more refugees.[23][24]

The Left

See the main article on this topic: The Left

His primary concerns seem to be with the left, making many videos criticising anything to the left of Mussolini[25] as well as making a show called #Regressive News (totally not this week in stupid, I swear).[26] He also has specific criticism of Socialism,[27] Marxism [3] as well as Communism.[14]

David vs Sargon

See the main article on this topic: Sargon of Akkad

His McCarthyism got to the point where he even accused fellow "sceptic" Sargon of being a Marxist (calling it Marxist Sargonism similar to that of Marxist Leninism, etc) as he is.....left wing? It made tenuous links between Sargon's social liberalism and Marxism, and after a severe amount of criticism [28][29] and Sargon's response,[30] he has now deleted the video and issued an apology.[31] The whole charade demonstrated how far down the right-wing rabbit hole Dave seems to have fallen into, where even UKIP members like Sargon are Marxists.

Return to Religion

See the main article on this topic: Christianity

On June 5, 2019, Cullen made a video about how he's abandoned atheism and returned to Christ[32]. In that video, Cullen mentions that the above views he has in this article are incompatible with atheism and spent the video attacking the left as to why he became a Christian.


Angela Merkel

See the main article on this topic: Angela Merkel

He doesn't like Angela Merkel and struggled to find any reasonwhatsoever for her reelection before concluding that the mainstream media brainwashed the German public.[33]

Emmanuel Macron

See the main article on this topic: Emmanuel Macron

Cullen holds unfavorable views of Macron, believing that he is plotting to destroy France by letting immigrants into the country. What else would you expect based on this guy's videos?[34]

Donald Trump

See the main article on this topic: Donald Trump

He supports Trump (what sort of YouTube "sceptic" would he be if he didn't?),[35] referring to Trump's Presidential win as a "win for all of America" and claimed that Sam Harris had lost all perspective on Trump by not supporting him. [36] [37] Interviews (because Trump is really nuanced and you can't just hear all the batshit insane things he says and think putting him in the White House is not a good idea).

Some good things


See the main article on this topic: Marijuana

In a surprising stopped clock moment, Cullen argued for the legalization of marijuana.[38]


See the main article on this topic: MGTOW

Cullen is opposed to MGTOW, saying it was becoming cult-like.[39] This got a predictable response from the very mature MGTOW community.[40]

Net Neutrality

See the main article on this topic: Net neutrality

He advocated for net neutrality, and criticized Donald Trump for pushing against it.[41]

Britain First

See the main article on this topic: Britain First

Dave Cullen criticized Britain First as "genuinely far-right with extremely authoritarian rhetoric", and went through their policies which he considers hypocritical and "insane".[42]

Alt-Right Buzzword Machine

Dave must have read our Alt-right glossary, because he seems to be trying to use or dog-whistle every word in it:

  • Cultural Marxism[3]
  • Gender Studies[47]
  • Global Warming "Pause"[48]
  • Regressive Left [50]
  • Racism against South Asian people [51]
  • Safe Space, Trigger Warnings, Microaggressions[52]
  • Virtue Signalling[53]


He has had many interviews including:


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