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Fake top level domain names have been associated with the mythos of Tor and the deep web, likely because, once you accept that there are 'hidden' .onionWikipedia domains, what other domains could be hidden?

Of course, most people don't understand how darknetsWikipedia and custom TLDsWikipedia operate, so they turn to the secrets of the deep web to receive information in reliable and authentic pastebin and peer-to-peer formats.


The notorious iceberg image featured a 'closed shell system' towards the bottom. This could either be a reference to the anime Ghost in the ShellWikipedia or a misunderstanding of how darknets work. In either case, intrepid trolls continue to disseminate information about .clos, .loky, and other made-up domains.[1] The next subsequent major piece of fabrication came via a Portuguese paste in July 2013[2] that was later translated to English.[3]

clos and .loky [same as many other (.dafy, .taur, .end , .nept,...)] are domains used in private networks (often mentioned as Closed Shell System). It's very difficult to access them, but not as difficult as staying secure while accessing them. Each network has it's own different accessing method. For example to access .clos links you need to have correctly configured ChaosVPN and FreeNet and for some sites software called Clossys 4.3.3. And now for staying anonymous. There is NO internet provider granting IP address over IPv7-IPv9. It's not too long ago, when there wasn't even official IPv6 address provider. These protocols are super secret and only used by military for secret communication and by elite haxorz for things that normal people can't even imagine. Since there is no provider for these protocols, it can mean a very big risk tracking. It's highly required to use encrypted hardware. Some networks won't even let you to access it without hardware encryption. That's it. I've already told you more, than I'm supposed to. [4]

Such domain names are often associated with "deep web secrets" like red rooms, internet assassination, and so forth.

Interestingly, the Clos networkWikipedia is actually an old networking standard, but has nothing to do with secret top level domain names.